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    BRR Samples → #lessoptimized

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    Submission Details

    Name: #lessoptimized
    Author: Pinci
    Version History: View
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: All currently found samples from Super Mario World, ripped from their original sources for higher quality sound. I know I mentioned this in the old description but DON'T REPLACE YOUR ROM'S SAMPLES WITH THESE, silly.
    Info on how these were made and sources in Readme.txt, tunings in the !patterns.txt in each folder.
    Includes SMAS's trombone sample as a bonus.
    Tags: brass section clarinet closed hi-hat explosion fantasia pad glockenspiel honky-tonk piano kick marimba open conga orchestra hit oud pan flute piano slap bass snare steel drum string ensemble trombone
    Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
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    Comments (11)

    Dark Mario Bros Link
    This makes me wish for a super mario world rom with those instruments implemented
    Pinci Author Link
    Small update: just fixed a few typos in the filenames, alt quality @29's tunings and added some information I missed in the readme. No samples were edited so no need for redownload if you already did :P

    Alright, another update because there were stuff that was REALLY bothering me, sorry:
    -Gave @14 a slightly better loop point, also added a non-emphasized lower quality @14 in the Alt Quality Folder.
    -Added a MLP @9 sample (which stands for Medium Loop Point, not that show everyone and their mother watched in 2012), this is to give more options when choosing a sample.
    -Gave the @5 samples a stronger attack, which is closer to the original SMW samples.
    -Added more info in the readme.

    Credits I forgot to include: The ports I used to showcase the samples were made by ladiesman (atleast the SMB1 one as far as I know), thanks to him for making such accurate ports!
    Knucklesfan From older version: #lessoptimized Link
    I'm just gonna say that I did replace the default samples with these and no they don't sound very good
    MarkVD100 From older version: #lessoptimized Link
    Wow, the @15 sounds completely different. That's like the same Roland-SC-88 one!
     Minuy600 From older version: #lessoptimized Link
    come to besiktas!!!!
    Pinci Author From older version: #lessoptimized Link
    please come to brazil
    Ultima From older version: #lessoptimized Link


    lo siento/sinto muito/I'm sorry
    Lumy From older version: #lessoptimized Link
    quebrando o combo espanhol com português hahahahahahahahuehuehuehue
     Ayami From older version: #lessoptimized Link
    yo quiero sexo cuanto cobras
    Pinci Author From older version: #lessoptimized Link
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    lx5 From older version: #lessoptimized Link