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Rakugaki Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Rakugaki Mario

Submission Details

Name: Rakugaki Mario
Author: Various Authors
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 85 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard, Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Every morning when I wake up, I take a 42 minute Ice Bath and browse my favorite website for Super Mario World remodellings, 改造マリオあっぷろだえっくす. This morning, however, was special because a new hack (something that hasn't happened in 17 years) was posted on that very site. Hot (though cold because, remember, I was in the middle of taking my morning Ice Bath when I found out this information) on the heels of this grand discovery, I quickly downloaded this new Kaizō Mario and went about seeing what had been done to my favorite Super Nintendo game. The chronicles of which have been brought to your viewing pleasure below...


Rakugaki Mario is a love letter / pastiche / new(?!?!?!) romhack inspired by many hacks from the 2007-2009 era. What originally started as a semi in-joke between friends spiraled out into a much larger project, with a much larger author pool contributing levels (for better or worse). Making this hack semi-unique in nature is, in persuit of MAXIMUM AUTHENTICITY, all tools, sprites, blocks, and music (barring resources made specifically for the project) are from 2007-2009 too. That's right, we're talking Lunar Magic 1.63, JonWill's Blktool, MikeyK's Sprite Tool 1.22, and Romi's Addmusic 4.04. Of course, this wouldn't be playable on hardware by default. To comply with SMWC standards, only the fixed version is available below (in both Japanese and English). It contains the usual modern hack fixes (FastROM, QoL adjustments, Blktool Optimizer, ect), but that doesn't mean it's any less difficult! For SNESGT and ZSNES enthusiasts, you can also play the original unfixed (Japanese) version through this handy link right here. One may be quick to compare this to one of my previous hacking endeavors, but this is a very stylistically different hack that goes in a different direction. If you were a fan of that hack, you may not be particularly pleased that it isn't a continuation / sequel, but I did try to throw a bone in a level or two. Regardless, I still expect this hack to be very difficult. An Author List for individual levels can be found here. Be mindful of spoilers!

Difficulty curve is practically nonexistent, and levels explore various design styles, so you'll never know what's next. Whilst tagged as a Kaizo hack, take solace in the knowledge that this is primarily a Standard: Very (Very) Hard hack. However, because certain levels are played in a style and way agreed upon today to be "Kaizo" (one hit kill, levels played in a strict way, and lots of trial and error), I felt it was a necessity to tag it as such for the unwitting moderator or player who wishes to tackle such a hack.

Notice: It is possible for the first level in World 4 to cause Motion Sickness. Please be advised.

Vip and Wall Mix 2 by 2ch Community
Super OTL Mario by Smitho
Super SIG World 6 by SIG
MarioX World SER by Anikiti

...and the girl reading this :)

FEATURING NEW LEVELS BY:  Heraga, rextep, OnlineVideoSurfer,  Anikiti, abc_ore, MecchaSugoiTntn, Kitikuchan, Nanigashi-kun, Pogyo, Jolpengammler, NGB, Daizo Dee Von, Doctress, Aeon, Squirrelyman157, Sariel, Truxton,  Ayami, Centipede, Nitrogen, yogui, SF - The Dark Warrior, wye, Atomic-Citrus, NewPointless, ECS.98, Darolac, PokerFace,  RussianMan, SMWizard,  Valentine, and CosmicTiff

Alpha Tested by Morsel, Metballs, and sincx
Confirmed RTA playable (aka Beta Tested) by Wyatt, LouisDoucet, and CardboardCell

We hope you don't hate this too much!
Tags: asm bosses joke less exgfx music traditional variety
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3.8 (10 ratings)
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Comments (26)

Minish Yoshi Link
Here is a playlist containing my clears for every exit and the final level.

When I started this hack I was thinking that I really wouldn't like it, but I ended up enjoying it quite much. There are some rough patches in each world, but generally the levels were fun. I did not care much for the final level (although some of the individual sections were enjoyable).

Speaking of the final level, in Room 13 (the section where you have to burn the ice blocks) I think I found a pretty easy softlock: Entering the screen-scrolling pipe right after the Thwomp without a Fire Flower will get you stuck.

Favorite levels in order of appearance: Switch For An Exit (Both Exits), Hot Plant Poison Dance, Illegal Building Athletic, Shardscape, and This River Is Poisonous!


Romano338 Link
The good old "hommage to old hacks" to excuse taking no care whatsoever in the graphics. Pretty cheap.
rextep Link
name five
rextep Link
I freaking love jepan dude. 5/5
Skewer Link
So, if the whole point is to be "Authentic" and use old ass tools... why is the patch a ".bps" instead of an IPS? #tb{TwT}
Daizo Dee Von Link
My one level was placed in a spot that basically prevents those with motion sickness the ability to access the rest of game without knowing beforehand where the secret exit is. And even then, the secret exit leads to what the organizer of the project considers to be the worst level in the entire game. Basically the result of that decision sent the unfortunate message of "get over your sickness or suffer an extremely unforgiving level".

I had no control where it was placed. I knew it would be placed in an area of the overworld that required two paths...but not where exactly. Luckily on my side of things, the actual level did not change barring message box changes (which yeah, they showed me just before the release which didn't give me a lot of time to think).

Being 100% transparent with your designers is key. The organizer claimed to me that they did let designers know of their changes, but from NewPointless's comment I'm struggling to believe them.

e: Seems like I was able to revert the changes he made, plus I was allowed to add an alternate route so it's not a roadblock that prevents 100%. If my level was what stopped you from playing, the upcoming update has a route that has the gimmick not present.
NewPointless Link
Sorry about my original comment. There was a misunderstanding and we're working on fixing the issues with the collab.
Anas Link
I'm on world 2 as we speak, and I wanted to ask something: y'know the date displayed in
the Windows 10 level or whatever it's called?
Is that the time when this collab started? Or is it just random? Also, I'm stuck on the first ghost house you find in the main map. Where do you even go
after collecting all dragon coins? I thought the brown ?-block would do something but it's useless. Is it something very obscure?
MasterMario97 Link
I am almost done with world 5 and I need an adult.
I give this hack a #smw{:TUP:}/5
Poppy Link
probably not gonna get the chance to play this but purely on a conceptual level this is a perfect hack. 2007-2009 is my favorite period in smw hacking and i love to see that enough people felt similarly to get together and make a whole hack aiming to replicate that sort of style. almost makes me want to get back into smw hacking again in fact >_>
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I give up (world 6), maybe it's not for me but I lost all interest to continue this hack even with savestates.
There's some good enjoyable levels but those are like exceptions to a hack aimed to be awful imo (I may be wrong).

Rating: 1/5
idealiter Link
Originally posted by cardboardcell
a real achievement in romhacking. thanks for all the work that was put into this from the whole crew.


I think y'all have accomplished everything what you set out to do. A hack that is both an homage to hacks from past times and a unique experience itself. Thanks.
 Anorakun Link
Here, I'll give you five stars for the audacity and ambition. But here is the thing, I'm deducting two stars because "the kaizo side" of this hacks sours the good ammount of the experience. Also, the autoscroller levels are annoying as hell. The maze level with the time limit was also very maddening. Sadly, a flawed masterpiece.

Have a nice day. 3/5
Nao Link
Incredible work. I downloaded this from xarea, and legit got fooled.
ASMagician Maks Link
Please use savestates if you want to have any semblance of fun playing this hack.
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I'm at the middle of world 4. (I did use savestates to some levels)

This is a very difficult (retro-?) hack.
Unfortunately, a lot of the difficulty is artificial (jank, blindness, timer too low, absurd difficulty spike in-level, ...)
Which is too bad since it's very creative, it could be very fun (like the 2nd castle for example and some levels).

Maybe those major design flaws are for making like an around 2008 romhack, but good difficult hacks already exists.

I strongly recommand savestates.

Temporary Rating: 2/5 (Updated)
yv64n Link
Finally some good food
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I wonder why the "cultural notes" patch is to do with asar instead of being a extra .bps patch to the patched rom?
goldenrules Link
is Nanigashi-kun the same person as

edit: thank you, Heraga. obviously #smw{x_x}
yogui Link
Anas Link
This seems like an interesting hack. I wonder when this was originally started?
Big Brawler Link
whenever i try to patch the "Ow Message.asm" i get this error, not sure if there's an archive missing
cardboardcell Link
a real achievement in romhacking. thanks for all the work that was put into this from the whole crew.
softandwet Link
love this( ´∀`)
 LouisDoucet Link
I enjoyed this doodle very much.
UTF Link
Oh wow this kind of came out of nowhere. I've been looking for a hack that imitated the look and feel of old SMW hacks for the longest time! I'd be curious to know how the authors all were able to verify that assets from 2007/2009 were used. A lot of resources on SMWC seems to have lost their original upload dates, so I'm imagining it took (many, many) trips to to find out the original upload dates of stuff.

Definitely need to play this when I get the time. Hope I don't hate it too much.