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    SMW Central Production 2 - Be the Hero

    SMW Music → SMW Central Production 2 - Be the Hero

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    koopsultra500 Link
    Where is the original boss theme for the SMWCP2 proto type game?!
    ExxorD Link
    This kicks so much @$$, I love this version better than the old one! And the title couldn't be any more fitting. #smw{B)}
    Ultima Author Link
    Hmm, since I assume the reason why the snare is as downsampled as it is is strictly due to space problems, couldn't there have been better ways to do that anyway? Mainly removing the orch hit since I kinda just added that one for flavor anyway, and IIRC it's just as big of a sample as the snare (3 KB), so I can't see why that didn't fly with anyone's minds when doing that, especially considering how important of a sample the snare is by comparison