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For Dan

Super Mario World Hacks → For Dan

Submission Details

Name: For Dan
Author: GrumpyWalrus
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 25 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is an appreciation hack for Dan the Man, a Facebook Gaming streamer. Dan has been influential in the building of the kaizo community on Facebook, and as a token of the gratitude from the community, this hack was born.

This hack features messages to Dan from his friends and admirers in most of the message blocks.

Basic kaizo gameplay, this hack aims to be a bridge between true beginner kaizo and intermediate kaizo hacks.

Features 16 exits for the ANY% exit.
Features 25 exits for the 100% exit. The 100% exit requires completion of the ANY% exit.

There are also 14 Lunar Moons throughout the levels for those that wish to find them.

There are 4 switch palaces and 1 "Trial of Thundaga" that are all required for the 100% run. Switch palaces and Trials are more difficult than the standard levels.

Features lots of chocolate and a healthy amount of trolls.

Custom graphics and music for every level.
Custom physics in some levels.
Custom sprites in some levels.
2 custom boss fights (both resources from SMWC).

Almost all resources are available from SMWC. Credits file has detailed information about what patches, graphics, music, sprites and blocks were used.

Thank you for playing my hack. GLHF.

v2 Update:
Redesigned several levels and setups to remove jank and make setups more clear.
Removed Iggy boss fight and created new final boss fight.
Removed final level and created new 5 room castle for the final castle.
Fixed some typos in credits and info blocks.
Removed excessive tightness in some setups.
Corrected some graphical errors in levels.
Removed cheese in The Bridge.
Removed cheese in Fortress Acclivity.
Removed the motor skills double SFX sound.
Tags: asm boss exgfx kaizo music platforming
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
4.5 (2 ratings)
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Comments (7)

danwaleby Link
Oh wow a whole hack just for me
dativ Link
Fun Hack!
GrumpyWalrus Author Link
For anyone interested, leaderboard is up.
ZX497 From older version: For Dan Link
Some parts were very frustrating, and the hack has a tendency to troll you after some of the harder / tighter parts which got really old after a while. Overall difficulty is on the lower-end of intermediate, with some difficulty spikes caused by excessive tightness here and there.

All in all a pretty fun hack, though! It's clear some love was put into it.
GrumpyWalrus Author From older version: For Dan Link
Thanks! Yeah, I love trolls, so it shows when I create levels. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Mario checks virus From older version: For Dan Link
good #smrpg{y}#wario{<3}
Cartridge King From older version: For Dan Link
Great hack