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Puggsy (SNES) - Star Fall Lake

SMW Graphics → Puggsy (SNES) - Star Fall Lake

Submission Details

Name: Puggsy (SNES) - Star Fall Lake
Author: yoshiatom
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Layer 3
Slots Used: LG3, LG4
Palette Row(s) Used: 0
Description: A rocky background exclusive to the unreleased SNES port of Puggsy. Would fit well for caves or perhaps underwater levels.

Probably best paired with a sprite status bar if you don't want the top of the background cutting off.
Tags: 2bpp cave patch needed texture
Comments: 1 (jump to comments)
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Comments (1)

 Ayami Link
Approved, but submission had a few flags: you included a .mw3 palette file instead of a .pal file, which isn't allowed (.palmask files still work fine with .mw3 files, but the .pal format is still more global hence it's demanded), and vertical scroll was set to None (I changed it to Variable to match horizontal scroll). I've fixed these issues during moderation, but take them as consideration for future submissions. I've also added the patch needed tag as you well mention in the description about the need of a sprite status bar (or similar asm workarround).

Other than that, excellent rip.