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Mario's Trip in China

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Mario's Trip in China

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Trip in China
Authors: liuzijun, mariofan104
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 147 star(s)
Description: Thank you very much for downloading my hack Mario's Trip in China!

This is the second SM64 hack from China, and the authors are Liu Zijun and 104. In this hack, you'll see many fantastic things that you've never seen before. While you are playing, you'll have a chance to travel to many places in China and enjoy glorious views and diverse cultures without spending time and money!

Wonderful, right?

More than that, if you've played our first hack Slask's Adventure, you would've seen many thrilling boss fights -- theses fights are remastered into something even more interesting in this hack. Also, I learned how to make objects with the advanced approach called ASM, and then I created many unprecedented objects in this hack. I hope you all enjoy them! (I'll release my config file together with the hack so that you can check how I used the custom objects and the ASM code. You can open it with rom manager and transport all the interesting things I've made into your own hacks!)

This hack is NOT a 100% kaizo hack. It's designed for all players, no matter if you are a newcomer or a master in SM64. Most parts of this hack are pretty easy, and I'm sure you could unlock and enter all the courses (70 stars requirement) without suffering. But there are also many challenges left for experienced players, and the final course (B3) is super kaizo with fast-moving quicksands and lavas, which elevate it to a new level of difficulty that even TWDE EE Reds don't have. Even if TWDE is conquered savestateless (It's on you pluto!), I don't think my hack will be beaten in this way. I would say the TAS videos of the final course could bring players a different kind of enjoyment tho.

Highlights of this fantastic tour in China:
NJ Shark with a star
C1 King Bob-omb on quicksand that needs hidden timed boxes to fight
WC Flying across the Manta rings
C2 Wiggler boss in a toxic room with falling platforms over quicksand
C4 Penguin race on thin roads
B1 Great models of Chinese Palaces made by 104
C5 Wall-kicks on moving walls and running on falling roads
C6 Scuttlebug boss on rotating quicksand battlefield and Ocarina-of-Time-style labyrinth
C7 Whomp King on rotating quicksand battlefield; quick climbing when it moves up
MC Lava bouncing Boos
C8 Eyerock fight on quicksand
B2 Limited camera to search hidden road
VC Shooting to the flying Klepto
C9 Quick swimming across the sea; hole with many hungry fish
C10 Moving walls (thins) and only 0.5s slide
C11 Unagi and Koopa race in cave
C12 Ukiki grabbing on lava and wall kicking labyrinth
C13 Narrow paths with lava and horizontal wind
C14 Many new use of moving objects (Go and Try!)
C15 Bully fight on quicksand with toxic
B3 I've mentioned above!

There's still pretty much to say. Just Try and Enjoy!


Thanks Pilzinsel64 and ZenonX for developing Great Tool Rom Manager, Kaze and scuttlebug_raiser for ASM codes and tutorials.

Thanks kazte789 for play-testing, Focus_SR for making the final course Reds!

Thanks Nintendo for the wonderful SM64!

Thanks all the plays and hackers from all over the world who helped me and supported my hack!
Video Link: Link
Tags: chinese hack new boss fights new objects
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