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Readable Gothic Font

Gráficos para SMW → Readable Gothic Font

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Readable Gothic Font
Autor: SF - The Dark Warrior
Histórico de Versões: Ver
Tipo: Original
Função: Fonte
Slots Used: LG3
Palette Row(s) Used: 1
Descrição: Unlike the other generally stylized Blackletter gothic fonts I either create myself or on the rare occasion that I rip fonts from other video games such as Bloodstained - Curse of the Moon, this one goes into the former category of it being a font I made myself for a now-scrapped CLDC 2020 level entry that I couldn't finish in time that prioritizes readability over stylization, similar to how Pix3M did his Alagard font that I took heavy inspiration from to make this font.

There were minor touchups from the 2020 version as seen in the video linked on a few characters, mainly for readability purposes.

You are free to use this in whatever game or hack project(s) you have in mind, as long as you do credit me in your projects. To use this font in SMW, replace GFX2A in the Graphics folder with the downloaded font.

2022 UPDATE - Updated various letters upon seeing various Let's Plays and Twitch Streams of hacks that used this font, as there were certain letters that needed to be addressed further for readability's sake. depreciated.bin shows you the various alternative versions as well as the letters from the initial release that have been replaced.
Marcadores: script serif
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Mogu94 From older version: Gothic Font Link
This looks really nice. I'm a fan of how a lot of these are drawn.