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Total Jotary World

Hacks de Super Mario World → Total Jotary World

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Total Jotary World
Autor: Narcologer
Histórico de Versões: Ver
Demonstração: Não
Em Destaque: Não
Duração: 26 exit(s)
Tipo: Padrão: Difícil
Descrição: In this hack you will find:

- an updated plot related to a manic addiction to literature.

- many levels with updated graphics and music, each with its own features and challenges.

- fights at the end of each level. You will face either a group of enemies, or 1 of 7 completely original bosses.

- some references to Jojo's bizzare adventure.

- and, of course, FUN.
Marcadores: asm bosses exgfx gimmick jojo music
Comentários: 11 (pular para comentários)
3,0 (2 avaliações)
Sem avaliações
Download 858,41 KiB | 1.244 downloads

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Comentários (11)

Natsuz2 Link
it seems interesting to me
Narcologer Author Link
I m sorry i forgot to add this in description. But removing "start+select" is one of challenges of hack #w{=P}, and some of stages actually save progress.
rafaelfutbal Link
Bad hack!
"Start + Select" desabled.
Stages don't save your progress.

Grade 0/5.

My gameplay attempt:
LordDarkScythe From older version: Total Jotary World Link
One of the first ROM Hacks to be played on my new FXPAK Pro. Plays great, lots of fun. Would recommend.
MycoLofi From older version: Total Jotary World Link
Easily one of my favorite hacks. Beautiful work fancy mammal <3
papyrus074 From older version: Total Jotary World Link
what is the name of the music of the first and second level
viniciuskombat From older version: Total Jotary World Link
jojo reference 10/10
blueribbonhighlife From older version: Total Jotary World Link
Very fun levels, good challenge level for category, nice custom bosses. Lots of good chocolate including some nice custom enemies!
Roy_Maluco From older version: Total Jotary World Link
Muito bom boas músicas diferentes boss diferentes,roupa do Mario diferente adorei nunca tinha visto essas cores roxo e verde e vermelho e amarelo no Mario .
Nota 10 👏👏
Royal_ish From older version: Total Jotary World Link
This was a nice and short demo. I am interested in more so I will keep a look out. The mini-bosses were cool, though it would be nice to remove the one hit killing with the fireball. Just a suggestion.
Keep it up and can't wait for me!
Edit. I forgot to add that I would consider this normal difficulty, not hard. I just started back up playing SMW and rom-hacks after years of not playing. I beat this in about 30 minutes. Noting too hard,but still challenging and fun.
 1UPdudes From older version: Total Jotary World Link
After moderating this I can say the hack is a short and sweet experience that was fun to play.
Each level has a small boss fight to it so if you like hacks that keep challenging you all the way to a levels end then I recommend giving it a play.

#smrpg{y} Nice Work