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Baron of Shell

Super Mario World Hacks → Baron of Shell

Submission Details

Name: Baron of Shell
Author: shaoshao
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Baron of Shell is a hack that I've had in the works for almost two years. It is my take on a classic shell hack, but it includes more traditional platforming elements than today's shell hacks. It uses traditional shell physics. There is a practice / tutorial path that provides insight into some of the more esoteric item abuse setups.

My goal with this hack was to show how diverse shell levels can be, and to push the narrative on item abuse in Super Mario World. Although there are a lot of Uberasm patches and custom sprites at work, the hack at its core is vanilla and vanilla inspired.

--- Disclaimer (1) ---

This hack is not made for everyone. There are a lot of people who will hate this hack; it was not made for them. It was made for the players who love shells and item abuse.

--- Disclaimer (2) ---

This hack has can cause repetitive strain injury if you are not careful. Please take periodic breaks so you don't hurt yourself.

--- Disclaimer (3)

This hack uses Uberasm that requires BOTH L & R to be used. If you use a nontraditional joystick or remap your buttons, this may be a problem for you.

--- Disclaimer (4)

Have fun :)
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Comments (7)

revolug Link
this hack is so good i got a repetitive stress injury because i couldn't stop playing it. 10/10
GrenudoGames Link
Amazing Hack! absolutely wonderful! tons of fun with a lot of setups and mechanics that were great!
excelent work shao! 100/10
OnlySpaghettiCode Link
Absolutely incredible. The new gold standard for item abuse!
Azula16 Link
I like the Switch Palace levels, but it won't let me get back into them. It would have been great. #w{=P}
orka-bln Link
This hack will kick you in the crotch, and you´ll love every second of it.
katun24 Link
Very entertaining and innovating shell hack. The levels contain tons of interesting gameplay mechanics and setups not seen in other shell hacks, and the levels vary quite a lot in design style even when all focus on item tech. I'd recommend anyone complaining about 'shell hacks feeling all the same nowadays' to check this hack out.
NinjaLifestyle Link
7 levels in so far... and this hack is a 10/10. Nice work shao :)