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Tortured Souls

Super Mario World Hacks → Tortured Souls

Submission Details

Name: Tortured Souls
Author: RZRider
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 33 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: After 2 years, the most tortured soul awaits you.

Tortured Souls is a platforming heavy hack, featuring instant retry, original asm, custom music, little to no shell tricks, multiple overworld pathways, custom boss fights, an original port by The_Uber_Camper, and the souls of the many fallen Marios. Over 1000 hours of work has gone into this hack, not to mention all the work the playtesters and resource creators that helped make this something I believe is truly special.

The sections are designed to be more difficult than what some intermediate hacks will ask of you, but they are very fair in terms of length. If you are having trouble with a section, remember there is an H soon to come.

Good luck and have fun,
Version 1.1 fix

disable bonus star patch has been applied


40,000 Leagues cheese fixed

Elysium Flying Koopa Jump Adjusted

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Comments (3)

Russ Link
Not really sure what I'm doing wrong but in level 2 right after you hit the second switch, the "mid air" with the green shell does not work for me no matter how I bump the shell
SteamyPanini Link
Great hack. GG RZRider! #smw{:peace:}
GiraffeKiller Link
I'm only a few levels in, mostly because it's pretty tough for me. But, MAN is this a satisfying hack. Definitely platform heavy, but that makes it so much more approachable. Love what you're doing here, can't wait to see what's in store for me in later levels.