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The Epic Quest Of Birdo The Pink Dinosaur Dark Behaviours

Super Mario World Hacks → The Epic Quest Of Birdo The Pink Dinosaur Dark Behaviours

Submission Details

Name: The Epic Quest Of Birdo The Pink Dinosaur Dark Behaviours
Author: AjaTheVampire
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 41 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Desciption:
This is my second hack and the second journey of Birdo The Pink Dinosaur! This time a it got a little stranger story!
You can unlock new abilities as you progress further and find the Original Birdo that hides inside every level!
There are also Item shops that help you out if you need a power up! Also the game looks a bit NES Classic. Just a bit..

Birdo has gotten into real trouble! As she got kidnapped at the night and Mario became a thrall to someone we don,t know yet! Same happend with his friends. What is happening at the mushroom kingdom? Will Birdo escape the darkness that is rising inside of her or will she embrace it? Mario and his friends have stolen all the yoshi eggs too, no matter what birdo decides to do! She will need to fight for her eggs!

And Yoshi sits at home infront of the TV...
Gain new Abilities as you travel further and try to find the OG Birdo,s that are hidden! Sometimes they try to sell you something!

Special Thanks to Lunatic002 and Spedinja for Playtesting!

And Thanks to you for playing my hack!
Tags: abilities asm birdo bosses custom caracter difficult exgfx exgfx animated exgfx overworld exploration hard music non kaizo non-mario
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Comments (5)

this was my first hack, and it was super fun. i really like the progression of mechanics. one thing i didnt get is
with wings, sometimes holding spinjump raises you slowly but sometimes it doesnt
? other than that and a single hammer bro section everything in this hack was amazing start to finish
ZikoRenamonBirdo Link

I will not lie. this time you made the game much harder than the last.
in good. I would put this "Standard: Hard"
For Standard: Harder.

Yeah I managed to finish the 41 exits. But if not for the save state. I don't think I could finish it that easily.

ha ha ha ha.

once again I sincerely thank you for another Birdo game. I'll be aware if you create other games for her.

if you have any social networks. it would be a pleasure to follow you and. if you have a youtube channel. I will be happy to subscribed
ZikoRenamonBirdo Link

Thank you so much for another game of Birdo., man I really love you. Note: I'm a man. but I love you as a special friend. do you understand what i mean right?.

Well. Birdo is my favorite Mario game character. in fact she's the only character I really love with all my heart and soul. and my dream was always that there could be games of it. and you managed to make this dream of mine come true, seriously i am eternally grateful to you bro.

and in any game where Birdo is a playable character. I will always dedicate myself to the extreme with her and for her.

And oh my god. I don't even know how to thank you enough. I don't know what to say how happy I am with it
ZikoRenamonBirdo Link
wow let's download of my favorite dinosaur BIRDO!
rafaelfutbal Link
Nice hack! I keep liking Birdo's sprite so much.
I beated this hack while collecting all dragon coins in game (when its possible).


Stage "A Spooky Experience" = Only 3 dragon coins.
Stage "Unknown Caves" = Only 4 dragon coins.
Stage "The Vampire" = Only 4 dragon coins.
Stage "Birdo's Bloodlust" = If you die after the level's check point, the level will no longer have the auto scroller on the screen.
Stage The Vampire Lord = After defeats the final boss and the score shows up, Bird gets a hit.

"Mario's Domain" = This area freezes the game sometimes.

PS: Stage "Everlasting Grey" = Lives farm.

Check out my full playthrough of this game: