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Baby Kaizo World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Baby Kaizo World 2

Submission Details

Name: Baby Kaizo World 2
Author: Phyll
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 34 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Yes, it's true, I was allowed to build a sequel to BKW with Nowiesos consent. I've tried to keep Nowieso's style in most cases. The hack should only be played after Baby Kaizo World 1. I had a lot of fun building this project. If you get stuck, practice practice practice, because that's the only way to get better. I hope you will have fun playing the hack. The hack contains a few references and easter eggs to the first Baby Kaizo World. I definitely didn't want to top the first part, I wanted to give the community a hack so they can continue to learn how to play Kaizo. NOTE: The hack saves after every level or you can press start on the overworld to save your progress. Have fun -Phyll

-edited a level name
-fixed spawn jank
-disabled start in the Yellow Switch Palace
-removed jank (last boss)
Tags: asm custom boss less exgfx music
Comments: 19 (jump to comments)
5.0 (10 ratings)
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Comments (19)

Gul_dukat Link
Found a bug in world 3. I unlocked the switch palace and turned off my console. when I turned it back on. the switch looked pressed and I couldn't reenter it

Also the red switch palace no longer looks pressed after reloading my game. the exit count is right, I just hope the button is actually pushed for when it ends up mattering
Kaiz0bro Link
Shout outs to Phyll for keeping the spirit of the first game alive with this sequel to baby kaizo world. A bit tougher than the original but still very accessible to beginners, this hack expands on what the first game taught us. The special world was a lot of fun, especially the final level. Great job, Nowieso should be proud!
Lady Rozeldix Link
Baby Kaizo World 2 is a great sequel with a lot of fun lvls #fim{<3}
i like the first one a bit better but this is still a easy 5 star hack.

if u wanna see 100% of BKW2 here is my walkthrough
Nice hack, keep going men. Really enjoyable and fun
BunBunAshly Link
really fun, had a good time with it <3

if there's a way to make that mace in the final boss move a little more smoothly, that would've made the fight more enjoyable; it was hard to time with it teleporting a bit like that. star road was tight like fugalfervor said, maybe too tight for a baby kaizo, but i liked it haha.
robbobert Link
Really enjoyed this hack. Definitely felt like a step up from Baby Kaizo 1, but still wasn't over-the-top difficult. A few little difficulty spikes here and there, but pretty smooth overall.

My playthrough was on 1.0, so I had the final boss jank (which it sounds like you fixed), and I had an issue where Start-Selecting out of the Yellow Switch Palace left me unable to enter it again. So I could never beat it, and as a result I couldn't do Star Road. Sounds like 1.1 maybe fixed this too? Note to players, I guess: don't Start-Select haha.

In any case, great work on this hack. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. :)
fugalfervor Link
This is a 5/5 hack, with a few caveats. Most of the levels are a perfect balance, and it flows really nicely.

Some levels are just too tight, especially in the star road (one jump in particular in the rope level). The final star road level is also too tight, and the mechanic is pretty weird. Sometimes I'd throw the spring only to have it end up in my hand, which I think is a problem with whatever asm patch was used. The final boss is janky and not very fun. The skytree level is also a bit tight, but mostly fun.

Once again, 5/5, with just a few suggestions that might make it better. This is a good hack to play over the course of a long weekend :)
zantekk Link
Awesome hack :) I just call myself "advanced beginner" and had lots of fun!
Really like the starroad - challenging yet not frustrating!

Memo to myself: i dont like parachute goombas.
troyfullbuster Link
Awesome hack had a great time playing it! My blind speedrun was on twitch but here is the full hack done! Loved the bonus 100% levels!!
Here is my playthrough:
Neidave Link
such a great sequel to one of the best beginner kaizo hacks! I imagine it´s difficult to imitate another creator´s style and you nailed it! just a perfect tribute to Nowiesos work and a beautiful continuation for all the kaizo newbies. of course you added your own touch to it anyway, but you dosed that well #w{=D}
looking forward to anything you create in the future!
troyfullbuster From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
Amazing hack loved the extra bonus levels at the end! Final boss bugged out a bit but still amazing job! Here is my playthrough: [out tomorrow just linking to give the 5 star vote early!]
Takaizo Fighters From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
Excelente Kaizo, muy bien hecho y divertido, felicidades! #tb{:)}
LimeeySauce From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
Great and valid sequel to the first! I think it's a good step up in difficulty that is perfect for the "beginner journey". I liked the special world levels!
Phyll Author From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
thanks for you positive feedback , i'm really happy #w{<3} , V1.1 is in the waiting files now.
Fixed the glitched last boss
Neuromancer From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
Fun hack! I did however have the same issue as twicepipes.
twicepipes From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
A very fun beginner hack. My only big complaint was the
Baby Bowser/Kamek fight toward the end
. The ball and chain is glitching and warping around and would warp into me with no chance to respond sometimes.
Fransen86 From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
I Love this Hack, great Job!! <3
GiraffeKiller From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
I still have to clear the last "world" but I can't help but come by and comment. You definitely keep that same spirit from Baby Kaizo 1. I'm so happy you pulled it off. It's a fanastic hack, through and through. Very nicely done. Love it.
OhMuramatsu From older version: Baby Kaizo World 2 Link
Amazing hack! I loved it. Congrats!