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Roland R-8

BRR Samples → Roland R-8

Submission Details

Name: Roland R-8
Author: Fullcannon
Collection: Compilation
Description: Most of the percussive sample kits from Roland's R-8 drum machine, which most of these have also been repurposed for later Sound Canvas editions.

It also had been used in various soundtracks at the time, including Super Mario World. The samples are both available in it's default form (32 kHZ) or it's more optimized variant (16-24 kHZ) which are smaller in size due to quality loss.
Tags: agogo bongo castanets chinese cymbal clap claves closed hi-hat cowbell crash cymbal crystal fx glockenspiel kick long guiro long whistle maracas marimba mute conga mute cuica mute triangle open conga open cuica open hi-hat open triangle pedal hi-hat ride bell ride cymbal short guiro side stick snare splash cymbal tambourine tom tubular bell vibraphone wood block xylophone
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Comments (1)

 icrawfish Link
For some reason the SPC preview isn't showing up despite them being there (perhaps because they're too big or too many? I'm not sure). Regardless, very comprehensive sample set, nice work!