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Custom Autoscroll

YI Patches → Custom Autoscroll

Submission Details

Name: Custom Autoscroll
Author: racknae
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch allows users to comprehensively edit Yoshi's Island's autoscroll sequences.

This download also includes a patch which turns sprite 1D5, which is unused, into an additional autoscroll sprite.
Tags: autoscroll autoscroller hex editing
Comments: 2 (jump to comments)
Download 3.33 KiB | 89 downloads

Comments (2)

racknae Author Link
Small correction I need to make to the documentation due to new information: sprite 1D5 isn't actually unused. It functions as a "stopper" sprite for the Boo Balloon enemy type. This is a fairly niche sprite (it only appears in one location in the game), but since some people might want to use it, I figured I should mention it.

I'll probably update this patch to move that sprite's functionality to another one. There appears to be another redundant sprite (a duplicate of another generator stopper) that I'd be able to use.
 BTD6_maker Link
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This should make it easier to edit the autoscroll sequences and let you actually use custom autoscroll, as well as giving one extra autoscroll sprite. One thing to be aware of, though, is that the total space for your autoscroll commands is still limited by the total space used in the original game.