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Legends of the Hidden Thwimple

Super Mario World Hacks → Legends of the Hidden Thwimple

This file contains content (such as flashing imagery) that may be harmful to people with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple
Authors: BeeKaay, FerpyMcFrosting, GbreezeSunset, MiracleWater, Romhack Races, TheBourgyman, YMM, dtothefourth, idol, margot, sio-kedelic
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is the collaboration hack of the 2022 SMW Kaizo Relay - Legends of the Hidden Thwimple - raced at Summer Games Done Quick by the Double-Jump Dinos (Shoujo, Juzcook, CarlSagan42) and the RNG Dolphins (Thirdwall, BarbarousKing, shovda).

The levels can be played in any order, but are meant to be played from as they appear in the overworld.

Creators and credits are included, but a special thanks to dtothefourth, Darkanine, tjb0607 and RBPimlico for extensive time and effort spent building and testing this hack leading up to the race.

Due to the nature of the theming and ASM used, the level Conga Kaizo and the final boss fight may cause discomfort in users who are sensitive to motion sickness or have photosensitivity issues.

This hack contains two patches: one with the intended music for each level, and one with music that has been confirmed safe for streaming and for Youtube ContentID. The patches are identical in every way except for the music.


V1.1 Changes:

--Removed broken credits sequence; credits now returns you to overworld and completion of entire hack is confirmed on file select screen

--Removed access to practice level/multitap configuration stage

--Edits to "horse flying disorder (DSM-5-TR)" at the request of the level designer

--Code optimization and bugfixes in "Cyberkinesis"

--Graphic fixes in the title screen, "Cyberkinesis," "Thrice Ghosted," and "ode to lesbian worm"

Tags: asm boss epilepsy warning exgfx kaizo race
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Comments (16)

Jay1024 Link
I know I'm a tad late, could you link the music in this hack? I remember really liking some of the songs used here.
 Doctor No Link
Full song credits are included in the CREDITS.txt file in the download. #w{<3}
wir4lor Link
great!!! #smrpg{gasp}#smrpg{y}#smw{:peace:}
xen_gamer Link
Played on SNES Classic (mini). Very fun and amazing hack. The only issue I ran into is that if I chose Dolphins on one player I had to use controller slot two. This may be an SNES Classic issue though rather than a hack issue.
naari3 Link
It was a truly awesome hack! It was also a great show that showcased the hack scene of 2022.
PastaNoSauce Link
Hype. Did anybody not just spam jump in the last level until they made it through? Congrats to you if so.
 RPG Hacker From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
I've recently watched the the recap of the GDQ race on Carl's channel, and this hack absolutely blew my mind! It's awesome to know that even after so many years in the SMW hacking community, there's still new hacks being made that completely change your perception of what an SMW hack can be.

What I liked about this hack in particular is that it seems super accessible as far as Kaizo hacks are concerned. It didn't seem to use any advanced Kaizo mechanics, almost everything was easy to grasp for people who played even just vanilla SMW. In fact, if the hack runs on hardware, I might totally give it a try, despite not really being into Kaizo in general.
 Doctor No From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
It absolutely runs on hardware! We are working on a 1.1 that has a few bugfixes and some polishing, but nothing that would change the levels themselves in a meaningful way. The race itself was held on hardware, and we tested on every combination of play setup we could muster.
 RPG Hacker From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Awesome! 🥰👍
shaoshao From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
This was so awesome to watch raced live! Congrats to all the makers in this hack - the levels are out of this world.
Kimota From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Phenomenal levels! What a great showcase to the world of modern SMW hacking.
tuffghost From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Congrats on the great run! Tons of fun to watch and the levels in this thing are incredible! Some of the wildest stuff I've ever seen in a hack!

Though I will issue a little word of warning if anyone is going into this thing without having seen it first: I had to bail at the on-beat autoscrolling section in the last level for motion sickness/photosensitivity related reasons, so go into it with caution if you're of a similar disposition. I suppose it's fitting because the game it's based on also has that effect on me, haha.

But anyway, huge congratulations to everyone involved in making this and both teams who ran it! <3
TheRestingBird From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Nadir From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Congrats on the run, I really wish I could have played this blind. This is probably one of the best collection of levels ever assembled.
 DeppySlide From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Congrats on the run everybody!!!!!
The_Uber_Camper From older version: Legends of the Hidden Thwimple Link
Nice work fellers, have yet to play, and intentionally missed most of the stream so I could be blind, but the little I saw was precisely what I would come to expect from each and every one of you. Congrats!