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SA-1: Special Adventure - 1

Super Mario World Hacks → SA-1: Special Adventure - 1

This file is obsolete. The latest version is SA-1: Special Adventure - 1. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1
Author: Hayashi Neru
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 118 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This was made in 2018-2021, some levels are taken from a discontinued hack of mine.

Now work fine in Higan/BSNES.

* This hack is not work properly in Zsnes.

12 July, 2022 edit: Added more hints to the key puzzle part of 'Trolling House', where the player puts the key into the keyhole and restarts from the key puzzle part.
and Added more hints to 'Trolling House' and 'Undersea Cave 2', and lowered the difficulty.
And fixed an error with the 48×16 keyhole block.

29 July, 2022 edit: Fixed a bug where the boss would disappear when hit by an electric ball in boss levels.
Tags: asm exgfx japanese korean powers sa-1 vanilla
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
5.0 (9 ratings)
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Comments (22)

MurioPro3 Link
i recommend
Matthew6758 Link
What a awesome and fun hack this was to play. The amount of powerups and also the 3 exit levels. Got all 118 exits. Definitely 5 star rating
NatsuFireball Link
Clearly one of the best vanilla hacks I've ever played, with highly polished levels ans a wonderful overworld design.

The very high number of power-ups and the 3 exits levels really made it wonderful !

Some bosses were hard but nothing unbeatable.

My only complaint is the Yoshi Coin tracker : having put it inside your hack is a great idea, however it doesn't save in SRAM... which means you only get the number of all-Yoshi Coin-cleared levels only for the current game session. This would have been so great to have it saving in SRAM, as in JUMP hacks, so that the player could keep track of their true 100% completion on the game =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you for this masterpiece =]
Konings1989 Link
Great Hack 5/5
mario and luigi Link
Started playing this hack a week ago and I'm almost finished with it, and I can say that it does a very good job of appearing like an official game. This hack was very well made in terms of level design; it almost felt Nintendo-esque. The custom ASM used in some of the levels was brilliant, and I truly enjoyed them, particularly that one level where you had to
view all the left arrows and warp behind the foreground SMB3-style
. The level design in this hack reminds me of a few Japanese hacks I've played. One can easily tell work was put into this hack.

The difficulty was balanced for the most part, with a Normal difficulty then progressing to Hard in the later worlds. The secret exits were generally not too difficult to find, although there were some cryptic ones here and there. The only boss fight that felt very difficult was the
World 7 boss that throws ice balls at you
. That boss was a serious difficulty spike for me, and it took a few savestates and a few rewinds for me to defeat it.

The music was also done very well. Some levels had the vanilla Super Mario World soundtrack, while others had custom music, which isn't really an issue for me. I was particularly fond of the songs used from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and Super Mario Bros. 2 (SMAS Version).

#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal} stars out of 5! This hack needs to be downloaded to be truly experienced, and is a must-play for those looking for something very lengthy. #smrpg{y}
MKDSmaster91 Link
Wonderful hack! #smw{:TUP:}
jBL00D Link
Sad to see my huge review removed especially after telling you about electric flower bowser glitch. I don't feel like typing all out again so I'll just say it's a great hack.
Retro Master HD Link
Originally posted by Jeyson29
What emulators can I play this hack on?

SNES9X, Higan or BSNES.
Jeyson29 Link
What emulators can I play this hack on?
Mapping_bl From older version: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1 Link
One of the worst rom i ever played. The problem is that it have to many visual problem. dosent deserve 5 star from so far. I hope you will do better roms in the future.
jBL00D From older version: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1 Link
This is such an incredible hack. Level design was amazing and just about every power up you can think of
(Mushroom, Fire flower, cape, tanooki, racoon, frog, penguin, super ball, propeller hat, ice flower, bubble flower, hammer suit, boomerang suit, shell suit, mini mushroom, cat bell, bubble flower, cloud flower, rocket boots, electric flower)
. The difficulty I would describe as a little harder than the original SMW. It's very fair and the secret exits are not overly complicated.

I was stuck at 99.2% (117 exits) for the longest time without knowing which exit I was missing. I had all the red dot exits, all the blue dot exits and castle exits. There was one exit however that took me VERY VERY long to find which was in
Trolling House in the special world

I did find a glitch though. When fighting Bowser I has the electric flower power up and when you hit bowser he just *POOF* disappears. Then you are soft locked in the room until the timer runs out. Luckily I beat Bowser before finding this glitch so I was able to Start+Select out of the level.

But this hack is a solid 5/5 #lm{owexstar}#lm{owexstar}#lm{owexstar}#lm{owexstar}#lm{owexstar}. Simply amazing!
rafaelfutbal Link
Originally posted by Hayashi Neru
Try downloading again. Is the file still not updated?

Negative. The file finally is updated! \o/
Thanks. 👍
rafaelfutbal Link
Originally posted by Hayashi Neru
Please download again. Obviously, when I downloaded this, the last modified date was 'July 11, 2022'.

I did it now, again.
Nothing changed. ("April 30, 2022").
Hayashi Neru Author Link
Try downloading again. Is the file still not updated?
rafaelfutbal Link
Originally posted by Hayashi Neru
Oops, I re-uploaded a new file.

Same mistake:
Hayashi Neru Author Link
Please download again. Obviously, when I downloaded this, the last modified date was 'July 11, 2022'.
rafaelfutbal Link
Hayashi Neru, you uploaded the wrong file.
Its just the same file of the preview hack.
Hayashi Neru Author Link
Oops, I re-uploaded a new file.
Skydda From older version: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1 Link
I enjoyed it, really well made, nice secrets and powerups
Mohamad20ZX From older version: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1 Link
cool hack
Soul From older version: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1 Link
No Offense, but your English is pretty bad. I have fixed it for you #tb{^V^}

This was made in 2018-2021, but some levels are taken from discontinued Hacks of mine.

Now works fine in Higan/Bsnes.

※ This hack will not work properly in Zsnes

As the name suggests, this Hack uses SA-1.
Hayashi Neru Author From older version: SA-1: Special Adventure - 1 Link
2022.4.30 Edit: Now it works fine in Higan/BSNES as well. Also, Mode 7 is deprecated.
Thanks  Kevin for the help.