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Silver level pack

Super Mario World Hacks → Silver level pack

Submission Details

Name: Silver level pack
Author: Silver Wind
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A pack of custom levels. This hack features seven levels with custom music, custom sprites and custom palletes. Credits to the SMWCentral website for all the assets, music and sprites.
Tags: custom level pack custom levels custom music custom palettes custom sprites silver wind silver wing smw snes super mario world super nintendo
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3.0 (3 ratings)
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Comments (3)

Simple hack, some levels seemed the same, just with a different color. Levels would feel empty at times. At least the hack works properly and no issues were present. Takes around 10-20 minutes to beat.
karinou Link
Hello, sorry but how tell this, your hack is weird, nothing special fun to play, the most of the levels are empty, nothing to do inside special, yes you jump you can kill chuck, shells ok, lot of fireflower power up ok but, for me your hack was just empty, nothing really interesting, even if it's your first hack, you could create something easily, all the levels was almost the same after beat the previous, the palette sometimes ouch....
I hope you could try something for later, with new ideas and make more things in your levels, add something other than there is already ;)
mario and luigi Link
I could be terribly wrong, but I'm going to assume this is your first hack. This hack wasn't awful by any means; some concepts and level ideas were pretty nice, but the core aspect of any hack, the level design, needed a bit more work. And once level design fails, everything else (graphics, music, etc.) will unfortunately fall flat along with it.

The level design was generally flat and linear. While that alone isn't really a bad thing, it becomes a problem when you can simply jump over all the enemies without much difficulty. When you can just hold the Right button and spam the Jump button and be finished, there's a problem. Try adding more obstacles to give players a slightly harder time navigating through the levels. The first level wasn't the only level that had this issue, but was most prominent in this level. Another problem with the levels is that they were very short. The first level only took me approximately sixty in-game seconds to complete it. This is so even when I slowed down for a bit to hit blocks and defeat all the enemies.

The second level, Blue Chocolate Pie, had a blind jump halfway through the level. Placing coins here to guide the player to safely jump down will be helpful. More levels had blind jumps by the way. Ruby Cave had a Question Block that was extremely difficult to hit as it was placed in an area where you couldn't stand directly below it; I died twice trying to hit it and gave up and moved on. In Aquatic Ambience, you're forced to take a hit if you're Big Mario in the 3-tile-high narrow section with Cheep Cheeps unless you duck constantly. Gloomy Steel Fiends was a fun level with a decent palette, so plus points for that, even though the level was still quite short. Lastly, Boiling Reznors had clashing foreground and background palettes. Try making colors that match each other very well, and also lower the saturation of the background in this level as it was a bit eye-searing to me.

What this hack excelled in the most was the music. I absolutely loved the tracks used. From
, the music was very pleasant to listen to and made levels feel a bit more exciting to play. That said, good music alone isn't enough for a hack, as level design is just as, if not more, important for a hack.

Palettes were strange-looking to say the least, especially in Ruby Cave where Question Blocks were an odd dark-green color with the outer corners of the block retaining its original tan color. That said, a few palettes were very well done; the first level's background palette was excellent and blended well with the sunny blue skies.

Overall, I'd give it a 3 out of 5; not awful, but can be improved a bit when it comes to level design and palettes. What I do know and can tell is that you have tremendous potential! #smw{:peace:}