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Toadette's Kaizo Tuesday

Waiting Super Mario World Hacks → Toadette's Kaizo Tuesday

Submission Details

Name: Toadette's Kaizo Tuesday
Author: Hwailaluta
Submitted: by Hwailaluta
Obsoletes: Toadette's Kaizo Tuesday
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: V. 1.3:
- Minor changes to nearly every level.
- Fixed a few major skips (some remaining cheese is intentional).
- Significant alterations to the boss fight.
- A new hidden level.

The exit count is misleading. This hack is much larger than 27 exits would suggest. It is also possible to get to the credits in 17 exits.


This is Toadette's Kaizo Tuesday. Three years ago I found this little pink mushroom, and a couple months ago I noticed that I had this little pink mushroom on my chest with a little pink ribbon in the center as well as, my brother had this.

I've been enjoying this. It's not something you see on Amazon, though I think it's actually more of a classic. But when I picked it up at the Super Smash Bros. store, the "mushies" were everywhere! It was actually quite interesting. The center of the mushroom has been trimmed off in the center of the mushroom, the inside is gone, and the whole inside is also gone, but there's no color or stripes, and it's just something that can't be described easily like anything else you'd see on an actual mushroom. The mushroom is absolutely gorgeous. So if you're looking for something pretty, go out and enjoy it.

If you think you have this, you're probably missing something here.

Oh I also found this little golden plant in the Kombucha store…so I went back and checked out her shop and found this little golden mushroom. I had been searching around and was looking for more to find, so I decided to go check it out. Like what!? That's kind of weird in there, but she goes by one name, "Gimapirotsu!"
Tags: advanced kaizo custom blocks custom music custom sprites glitches hdma item abuse puzzle
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