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Super Broke World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Broke World

Submission Details

Name: Super Broke World
Author: ThirdWall
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Removed upon author's request. He has decided to update most of the hack making the difficulty more manageable. - LinkdeadX2, 2018

Took me long enough.

I made this hack in late 2017, with very limited knowledge about level design and zero assistance. It turned out about how you'd expect. This update attempts to fix the most egregious flaws while maintaining the spirit of the hack.

Huge thanks to Binavik for all the help, and everyone who tested for me, as well as all the people that convinced me to finally update this hack.

It features:
Vanilla deaths
Chuck Gates
Difficulty Spikes
Cringe lore
Old-school Pacing

1.1 updates:
Minor to major changes in every single level
Removed (nearly) every kaizo block
Fixed OW bugs
Made Bomb explosion jumps consistent
Made Boo Laser Jumps consistent

Special Thanks to Morsel, dtothefourth, and YouFailMe for helping me find the music ports

Tags: music traditional vanilla
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Comments (5)

Nitrocell Inc. Link
Looks good. Gonna try it.
 Alex Link
What an experience! I went back to 2017 era with this hack, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have that feel. Amazing job, ThirdWall.
NikSik1 Link
Too easy. Rerelease 1.0 ;)

In all seriousness I actually really enjoyed my time with the hack. It sort of brought me back to when I was first interested in kaizo and started messing around in lunar magic. The hack itself is rough at times but nothing too unbearable. It was very fun and entertaining and somehow felt so original and unique even after all these years. Congrats on finally getting this back out there and I hope to play more of your stuff in the future.
Mane Bros. Link
It would sound better Broken World instead of just broke.
Darkanine Link
"The bones seem really good, it just needs some polish and care." -Darkanine, 20xx