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French Fries & French Toast

Super Mario World Hacks → French Fries & French Toast

Submission Details

Name: French Fries & French Toast
Author: Fyre150
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Greetings, all.
I’ve had two separate collections of levels that I wanted to share at some point, but I wasn't sure about releasing them as two individual hacks. Thus, I present to you this double-feature kaizo hack: French Fries & French Toast.

French Fries is 6 exits of low effort vanilla levels, while French Toast is 9 exits of gimmicky levels that are also rather low in effort. You can pick either one from the title screen (Mario for one, Luigi for the other). All levels are 1 section and were all made under similar constraints: being created in about 1-3 hours each.

Full disclosure: If you enjoyed my previous hack, this is probably nothing like it — it’s definitely a lot more wacky and, at times, unconventional. I made these levels for my own amusement, and hopefully there are others that will find these silly musings entertaining as well.
Tags: asm chocolate gimmick less exgfx music vanilla
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Comments (6)

Blaagon Pinned Link
MarioSMWGooder Link
Good! Merry Cristmas!
Kimota Link
Only played the Luigi game, found it pretty frustrating with a lot of die-to-learn. Felt like the game was punishing me for not knowing how the custom sprites worked. For example, in the gun level, you shoot the Chuck at point blank range and it kills him, but then if you shoot the gun within even like two tiles of a turn block, it doesn't turn. That tricked me into thinking the blocks don't interact with the gun, sending me on a wild goose chase for another solution. That kind of thing can be solved with indication, but then the same level has a massive jebait, so maybe it's deliberately misleading to troll. Either way, that and other similar spots where the correct strat was unclear without a lot of "experiments" (death), as well as some very tight movement and timing, made me salty even though I do admire the creativity.
BabaYegha Link
I was mad. I burned my tongue again. Don't know why, probably I was hungry. But it was sooo good... tasty... delicious. Made with love, passion.
Meanwhile I was watching how my braless Wife cut almonds into thin long slices. She mixed with banana and honey together. The pan was already heated and waiting for those Toasts to be fried.
That moment was priceless.
 mason Link
Finally, a hack representing the two food groups.
mmBeefStew Link
Thank you for bringing back the ultra-polished intermediate hack trend!