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Power-Up Selector Block

SMW Blocks → Power-Up Selector Block

Submission Details

Name: Power-Up Selector Block
Author: Nitrocell Inc.
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: This block will increase Mario's powerup status after jumping on block or hitting it from below. If Mario with Fire powerup ($03) contact with this block, it will reset him to Small Mario ($00).
(In future I will make version of this block, where selection can be done only once (or multiple times specified inside code.)
See "readme" for details.
Tags: lorom power-up power-ups powerup sa-1 select
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Comments (3)

Burning Loaf Link
Tested with:
* Lunar Magic 3.31
* GPS 1.4.4
* SA-1 Pack 1.40
* Mesen-S 0.4.0

Works. Fixed the SFX not playing in SA-1.
Nitrocell Inc. Author Link
Originally posted by Final Theory
It's like a pick your own power-up block.

Yeah, and it's called selected because powerup will change always when you contact block (in range from $00 - $03).
Final Theory Link
It's like a pick your own power-up block.