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The Sweet Sweet Love Forever

Super Mario World Hacks → The Sweet Sweet Love Forever

Submission Details

Name: The Sweet Sweet Love Forever
Author: Beefy Chud
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Welcome to the final chapter of The Sweet Sweet Love.
13 new exits and all exits from the previous two chapters.

-Very low on trolls

-Platforming focused levels with plenty of vanilla and some chocolate swirls

-Custom soundtrack

Good Luck Chuck!
Tags: platforming
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
4.6 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (6)

wir4lor Link
the name make´s me think that another three hacks of sweet sweet love, i need another one #tb{^V^} #tb{^V^} #tb{^V^} thanks 4 the sweet sweet love saga
BeaverTom Link
Beefy Chud I had an absolute blast playing this hack. I knew it was gonna be fun once i played the title screen :) The Secrets were incredible
Spearhead War Daddy!
I never played the other two chapters so being able to play through all the levels in one hack was awesome. The only technical issue i faced was a graphical overworld glitch, one where when i would switch from level to level i would see another overworld. I would love to see a file where all exits are uncleared as well! Thanks for making such an enjoyable hack! This hack filled me with Determination.
iKPbot Link
Super fun hack! The kaizo is top notch.

It appears that if you want to play this hack, you go down from the start, but if you want to play Beefy Chud's previous levels from earlier hacks you can go to the right and find any of them.

Well done Beefy Chud! I am gonna go back and play your earlier stuff now.
Wolfguy423 Link
why is the entire Overworld unlocked and Why did i start at the end of the hack?
I'm confused as to where your supposed to go.
this was recommended to me,
so coming in to this with no prior knowledge. #smw{o_O?}
xPaulx Link
COOL HACK! although i think this is not begginer at all.. lot of tight jumps and one tile gaps. But anyways i enjoy it . Thxs for making it
troyfullbuster Link
Awesome hack! I never realized I played Returns cause the first SSL was so good I thought it was one giant hack! Haha thanks for the great hack and see you in the....I mean here's my playthrough: