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Super Marisa Adventure World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Marisa Adventure World

Submission Details

Name: Super Marisa Adventure World
Author: Shiki_Makiro
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 101 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard, Kaizo: Expert
Description: This is my first ONE-PERSON-SMW-Hack of 2 years making.
And I'd to use something special style to design this hack, so that is! Marisa Da⭐Ze~
When gaming, it's almost the same rank of JUMP or YUMP (and 2), or some of levels like STG (?)
Of Course! Danmaku is necessary...

Notes (readme.txt) are included in downloaded files, please read before playing this hack!


Now updated to v1.10a, check out readme.txt to get more information
Tags: asm exgfx gimmick marisa kirisame music touhou
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Comments (10)

SomeGuy712x Link
Alright, so after struggling through the rest of the Extra World with a lot of savestate spam, I finally trudge my way through the extremely long Final Castle BOWSER PALACE, reach the final boss door, and... am presented with a solid red screen with occasional lightning flashes. Meanwhile, I think the vanilla Bowser fight is going on, but it's impossible to see anything.

Is the player seriously expected to beat the vanilla Bowser 100% blind? Because that's even way more absurd than the Extra World, even with savestates! Oh, and you can't even bring any power ups in with you, because the level forces the player to be small in the room with the boss door.

Why do this stupid thing with the final Bowser fight, instead of doing something more creative and clever like with a bunch of other bosses in this hack (even if some of them were ridiculously hard)? Even the Extra World boss fight with Junko was quite interesting and fun. But, 100% blind vanilla Bowser is not fun, nor is it creative or clever.

I'm sorry, but this is where I have to stop, and it's a shame to leave the hack unbeaten after putting the effort into completing everything else. Please fix the final Bowser fight to be something better than just a solid red screen with lightning flashes where the player can't see anything that's happening.

(However, if it turns out the red screen I'm experiencing is just a glitch on my end, or if it's something you'd already fixed recently, please let me know, and I'll be willing to give this another shot.)

EDIT: Okay, it seems it is indeed a glitch on my end somehow. I looked at another playthrough of this hack on YouTube, and the Bowser fight shows up just fine for them, so something must be borked with the emulator I'm using. That's annoying, but I'll see if I can figure out a fix or something. At least I know it's not supposed to be a 100% solid red blind fight.

EDIT 2: Alright, tried a different emulator that doesn't "red-screen" me at Bowser, and the fight was easily completed, and now the hack is fully done. It was certainly an interesting hack alright, especially with the great music, but the difficulty just got way too unreasonable at times. I wish it remained "Standard: Very Hard" throughout, instead of dipping well into "Kaizo" territory later on.
SomeGuy712x Link
So, uhh... wow... I know the difficulty had gotten to be Kaizo, but in the level "Final Summer Of Encore Banquet", in the section where you bounce off of the red UFO, there was a part I could not figure out until I looked up a walkthrough video, and to demand the player pull off that crazy stunt with the rainbow shell without properly tutorializing it or hinting at it in a safer and saner way first is just crazy ridiculous.

And, even after I saw what to do, it took me a ludicrous amount of tries, with savestate assistance, before I finally pulled that off. Now, if this trick was used just for a 3-up moon and not required to simply progress in the level, it would've been more reasonable.

Oh, and it wasn't immediately apparent to me that you have to spin jump on the UFO at first. I saw a vertical line of coins in the air, and it turns out it's part of an "A", but most of it didn't show up, because of... yep, once again, yet another Item Memory Index overlap. Please change all of these autoscrolling areas to "Index 3 No Track" to ensure the important coins always show up.
SomeGuy712x Link
Here's something I consider a major problem with "Septette for the Dead queen" in the Extra stage. Entered the leftward autoscroller room just after the checkpoint 1-up deep into the level with over 400 seconds left on the timer, while going at what I thought was a reasonable pace. And, finished the autoscroller with just 4 seconds left, which wasn't quite enough to reach the end of the level, and that really sucks.

PLEASE set that autoscroller room to reset the timer to a fixed value that will be enough, like 500 or 600, or disable the timer entirely there. It's super unfair to think you have plenty of time to finish a level, only for you to be doomed from the start because slightly over 400 seconds left is not quite enough for an autoscroller somehow.

(There are timer issues of this nature in other levels that are just way too long for their own good as well, but this was the most egregious case so far.)

Also, in that autoscroller room, many of the coins spelling out "1ST", "2ND", "3RD", and "4TH" disappear due to an Item Memory Index overlap with previous parts of the level where coins have been collected. Set the Item Memory Index of that autoscroller section to "Index 3 No Track" to fix this.
SomeGuy712x Link
Found major issues with the Big Boo Boss fight in "Finding, The Old world village" (world 7 ghost house).

First of all, the room puts unseeable platforms on the invisible lowest row, under the ice blocks, so at first I thought the player needed to do the grab-jump trick at least a few times. Only by accident was it discovered there was safe ground to stand on under those ice blocks.

Also, why does the boss have 8 HP, requiring hitting with all 8 ice blocks? One single mistake, which is very easy to do, because of how fragile the ice blocks are, and the fight is unwinnable, requiring the player to suicide.

And lastly, when the boss is defeated, a door appears where the boss was, but if the boss is in the extreme upper-left corner, the door will be out of reach, even with wall jumps, and the player will be in a "lattelock", forced to wait for the timer to run out to die (or load a savestate, which I did). Yeah, that's kinda not cool, and there needs to be an adjustment to that room's design to account for that.
SomeGuy712x Link
Encountered a few more issues that really irked me while playing up to the end of world 4 so far.

In Reznor Battle! In Ancient Ruins (the world 3 fortress), the spotlight darkness gimmick is just way too frustrating, with Fishbones not glowing in the dark like most other enemies, and they'll ambush the player out of nowhere almost always at the worst times. It was truly miserable to get through, even with savestates. Oh, and at one point, I got very close to the top of the screen, and the upper portion of the spotlight disappeared entirely, creating cutoff and reducing vision even more.

In the second half of The Deep Mist of Lake (where Soda Lake is in vanilla SMW), the player gets hammers to whack stuff with, which is fine, until the Torpedo Teds appear, and they can be whacked with the hammer too, but their "dead" sprites can and will still strike the player and hurt/kill them. I'm pretty sure there's a fix for that which I think really should've been applied to this hack because that is a clearly unfair issue for the player to have to deal with.

The boss of Rai-Lakitu Battle! Magical Of Beat (world 4 castle) is just ridiculous. Whenever Lakitu's lightning strikes the electrical lines below (instead of landing on the cloud platforms), the Sparkies will pass through the tops of the cloud platforms and be invisible while doing so, but they can still hurt you if you're standing on the platforms and don't jump, which is blatantly unfair. Also, why does this Lakitu take TWELVE hits to defeat? That's just way too much, while having to deal with the unfair Sparkies along with the other legit details of the fight. Oh, and the cloud platforms are semisolid for some reason, so it's possible to just fall right through the sides of them, resulting in a pit death.

Oh, and the time limits of some levels just feel way too short. For example, I wasn't really slacking off in A Relaxing Hiking Experience (Cookie Mountain), but nearly ran out of time anyway. I was relieved to find out the second half was short after reaching midpoint with under 100 seconds left on the clock.
SomeGuy712x Link
I have issues with The Purple Secret-Stolen Room in world 3. For some reason, the level forces me to be small, which is annoying enough. Not sure why I can't be allowed to bring in an extra hit point to help me against the annoying homing ghosts there.

Next, during the level, it seems arbirary whether curtains are solid or not, which caused major problems when I had just passed through some identical-looking non-solid curtains perfectly fine, only to be unexpectedly walled, and subsequently killed by a homing ghost or spikes that I expected to leap over. Seriously, the solid curtains should have a distinctly different appearance or color or something when compared to the non-solid ones.

Oh, and there are only 3 Suwako coins in the level. Each level with Suwako coins that I've seen up to this point so far has had at least 5. And, I had already collected those 3 by the time I reached midpoint. Did you forget to add the remaining 2 Suwako coins to the second half of the level?
Vegetto474 Link
Apparently I have one more kaizo to try#smw{O_O}
 Linkdeadx2 Link
While many problems persist with this hack, mainly with how much lag there can be at times, I think the level design and creativity are enough to warrant acceptance to the site. This hack feels similar to playing something within the Hyper Series by Haimari, so if you are a fan of their work I can easily recommend this to you.

Post/End game is absolutely brutal and among the toughest I've played over the years, so go in with the mindset that you will spend a lot of time on the levels or have savestates at the ready.

While there are many questionable level design choices and "Janky" asm scattered throughout the hack, it has honestly been one of the more fun experiences I've had recently. Good luck if you decide to take this on.
Shiki_Makiro Author Link
Originally posted by rafaelfutbal
Shiki_Makiro, is the blue switch palace level still the same way?
It's very very semi impossible to beat it without save state. 😰
I don't believe that level is classified as "Kaizo: Intermediate". It's a "Kaizo: expert" for sure! 🤔

Since the first rejection, I've gave up the optimization that awful rank of this hack, just add or reduce something with my own debug and "it look like no more harder", so I'm so sorry that you could not beat "Knowing Amazing Is Zero Operation" without save state(but the blue switch palace, which I've deleted some cluster bullets so you could might beat it without save state)
Although it's no way to make this hack more buggy, the base of rank IS unavoidable to fixed.
Thanks for feedback frequently, I've listed your name to this hack of credit!
rafaelfutbal Link
Shiki_Makiro, is the blue switch palace level still the same way?
It's very very semi impossible to beat it without save state. 😰
I don't believe that level is classified as "Kaizo: Intermediate". It's a "Kaizo: expert" for sure! 🤔

Check out my full playthrough: