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Dynamite Headdy - Scene 4-2 (Working Gear)

SMW Graphics → Dynamite Headdy - Scene 4-2 (Working Gear)

Submission Details

Name: Dynamite Headdy - Scene 4-2 (Working Gear)
Author: Anorakun
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background
Slots Used: BG2
Palette Row(s) Used: 0
Description: A very mechanical clock tower like background from Dynamite Headdy. Does not include the exanimations, maybe in a future update. A great fit for levels with mechanical traps, conveyor belts and robots.

Credit would be great, but is optional.
Tags: castle mechanical
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Comments (1)

PixusPanic Link
This is a pretty great rip! I'd personally love to see exanimations applied to this at some point.