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Red Stem Piranha Plants on Extra Bit + Stem Fix

SMW Patches → Red Stem Piranha Plants on Extra Bit + Stem Fix

Submission Details

Name: Red Stem Piranha Plants on Extra Bit + Stem Fix
Author: Koopster
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: With this patch, the classic and upside down piranha plant stems will be red and they will ignore player proximity if the extra bit is set (to 1). Naturally, the classic piranha plant's stem bug will be fixed and they will be normally green. You can also remap the stem and the page used by either variant with simple defines.

Note that the extra bit functionality requires PIXI to be installed in your ROM to function.
Tags: extra bit lorom piranha plant sa-1
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
Download 1.13 KiB | 35 downloads


Comments (6)

MegaSonic1999 Link
The old piranha fix patch is already inserted, is it okay to apply the red piranha patch with it?
 Koopster Author Link
I already answered this, yes it is.
 Burning Loaf Link
Tested with:
* PIXI 1.32
* Asar 1.81
* Lunar Magic 3.31
* Mesen-S 0.4.0
* SA-1 Pack 1.40

Nice patch, definitely an upgrade over the old one.
For the time being the old one is kept as it doesn't require pixi usage to work... just to be safe.
 AmperSam Link
Very useful patch to restore the piranha plants and extend their functionality and a nice "upgrade" to the well-known patch. :)
MegaSonic1999 Link
Is it okay to insert it with the piranha patch fix?
 Koopster Author Link
It should be, as I included code to restore the hijack from that patch. However, if you reinsert that patch after inserting this one, my patch's code will be erased. This is meant to be an alternative rather than an addition to the old one, but it shouldn't break if you've patched it previously.

Speaking of which, I noticed the old patch has a second "fix" which I'm not 100% sure what it does. I'll look into it later, and if it's worth it I might include it in this patch so people don't have to worry about patching both if they want all the fixes.