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Battle Mania: Daiginjou - Underground Base

SMW Graphics → Battle Mania: Daiginjou - Underground Base

Submission Details

Name: Battle Mania: Daiginjou - Underground Base
Author: Rykon-V73
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Layer 3
Slots Used: LG3, LG4
Palette Row(s) Used: 0
Description: It's the BG Anorakun ripped, but converted to layer 3.
Had to reduce few colors, but BG looks great nevertheless.
While you can use the layer 3 BG with status bar activated, it's recommended to use Remove Status Bar, DKCR Styled Sprite Status Bar and SMB3 Status Bar v1.53.1 patches.

Tags: 2bpp cave patch needed
Comments: 1 (jump to comments)
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Comments (1)

 Anorakun Link
I have changed the sample level settings, since "Under Status Bar" for Layer 3 options will always cause cutoff in levels with vertical scrolling, even when using the Remove Status Bar patch. I changed it to "Start of Layer 3".

The palette row (s) field is not about layer 3 palettes, Rykon. It's about the normal palette rows, which in this case, this rip only uses palette row 0.

With that said, that is an amazing conversion. The loss of detail is very minimal and people would need to compare it closely to spot the differences. Fantastic job with this layer 3 conversion. #smrpg{:3}