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Road to New Haven

Super Mario World Hacks → Road to New Haven

Submission Details

Name: Road to New Haven
Author: DashGamer
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Hey There!

Thank you so much for checking out my first ever SMW Hack.
This is a prelude to my expert hack that is on its way titled "NEW HAVEN".

While I've had many test out NEW HAVEN, I noticed that there was a difficulty curb that many struggled to overcome, so I decided to make a short prelude hack that is beginner friendly with a difficulty option on each level.

4 Levels, 5 Exits.
King Keys are collectable items that activate Bowser Blocks (! Switch Blocks) and can be de-activated by re-collecting them from the same location you found them in.

Be Sure to Read the Tutorial for everything.
Good Luck & Have Fun!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx exploration hdma music puzzle story variety
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Comments (8)

chsbrgr Link
This game is made with nothing less than pure love and dedication to not only the SMW game, but to the community as well. The care and attention to details, the custom graphics, the ASMs, the level start screens, the optional hard mode; everything about this hack is beautiful, well done, and goes above and beyond. Dash is a talented hack creator and deserves all the praise and adoration for this romhack. 6/5
exedriver Link
What an awesome hack! Especially for a beginner like me.
4 great levels are more than enough and often better than having a huge hack with a lot of levels not on the same level.
Very looking forward for your main hack - hopefully my skill will be good enough, I need more practice! :D
synthie_cat Link
Finished this hack in roughly 2h15m and I am blown away by it. The creative, competent and beautiful execution of the hack is stunning; the levels themselves are pretty straigt forward and readable even for a beginner like me. I wouldn't recommend the hack to complete beginners but as a short and managable second or third hack. GG Dash!
pixlrik Link
First of all, the hack is visually beautiful. The care and attention to detail is evident right from the title screen. Each of the levels are clever, unique and have just the right amount of difficulty to be fair to new players but not feel too easy for those with more experience. This is the starter course, New Haven will be the main, and I can't wait to tuck in! Great job, Dash!
pzyko103 Link
Excellent hack, good aesthetics. Would recommend for beginners.
GiraffeKiller Link
This is TOO cool. Love you did here. Also, I'm a sucker for motor skills. Lol.
PlainOleTrey Link
Excellent beginner hack Dash! Great time finding the secrets, and it's a nice taste of what's to come from you. GGs!
BoozeWash Link
other than the water section being a little too tight, its a great little teaser hack. Visuals are very nice. GG Dash.