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Halo 14 - Side A

Super Mario World Hacks → Halo 14 - Side A

Submission Details

Name: Halo 14 - Side A
Authors: LightAligns, Saela
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Halo 14 Side A is a short, intermediate hack focused on fun, fast paced and challenging platforming with little item abuse.

Our goal was to have chocolate gimmicks while still keeping the levels fair and readable.

No puzzle this time.

We hope you give it a try and have fun!

Special thanks to SJAndCharlieTheCat for all the work that was put into the FluxBaseRom which was used for this hack, to Spooonsss who did the coding for the boss, and to Stucat_ for the amazing artwork. And of course, thank you to everyone who has worked on ports, ASM, patches, blocks, sprites, helped on discords and forums, etc. None of this would be possible without the countless hours the community as a whole has put into it.

We're in this together now.
Tags: asm custom boss exgfx lore music
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Comments (4)

OffByWon Link
I see a new Saela/LightAligns hack and it makes my life simple...I just drop everything else I'm doing and boot it up immediately knowing I'm in for a treat. I'm happy to report that assumption was correct, since this was another top-notch hack from this creative duo.

I'm a little shocked there isn't a Reznor fight somewhere, seems like a missed opportunity at some sort of pun in the storyline. On a serious note, everything was just awesome. The aesthetics, theming, music, and of course levels all come together beautifully. The levels were balanced perfectly, very fun to play, well polished, and super creative. The setups are unique and challenging, while remaining easy to read and fair. The gimmicks are all enjoyable and add flair while sticking to the fast-paced platforming design theme. Great job!

If Trent Reznor decided to put his musical genius on hold to take up Mario, I think he would fit right in with the two of you, and be proud of this hack. The Fragile was two discs, so I hope that means a Side B is on the way. Luckily there are also more then enough Halos for you guys to work with and keep churning out awesome hacks, so I look forward to going further down this spiral of yours. Might I suggest Halo 2 next, since I'm sure you guys can create a Beautiful Despising Contraption #tb{;)}

The two of your creating styles just gel together so well, and end up making pure magic! I also can't believe how quickly this was put together, since it has only been a few months since you guys released the masterpiece that was The Reconciliation of Ascension. In my opinion that hack deserves so much more recognition and attention, and it's criminal it hasn't been played, streamed, and celebrated by more people. If you are reading this and enjoy this hack, especially the vertical levels, do yourself a favor and go play The Reconciliation of Ascension right now!

Phanto did it all for the nookie!
GrenudoGames Link
wonderful hack! great work! 5/5
SteamyPanini Link
For sure one of the better hacks of 2022. GG #smw{:peace:}
tobson Link
I'm only three levels in, but this is already one of my favorite hacks of the year. The platforming is fast-paced and so much fun!