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A Chance for Glory

Waiting Super Mario World Hacks → A Chance for Glory

Submission Details

Name: A Chance for Glory
Author: Nciktendo
Submitted: by Nciktendo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: "You've trained your whole life.
And now your moment has come.
Your time to shine.
This is your chance for glory!"

After watching countless hours of Carl, Juz, DGR and others playing SMM1/2 troll levels, I decided to try my hand at making one in SMW.

Presenting 'A Chance for Glory'.

My aim was to keep it as vanilla as possible, and avoid the temptation of just making a bunch of map16 trolls.

There are some chocolate sprinkles, but most all of them should be familiar to anyone who's played SMM1/2, or any rom hacks.
Tags: troll
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Comments (1)

Kimota Link
Hey, this was pretty good! It is very much like the so-called well-designed troll levels from Maker, but has a few Mario World exclusive elements mixed in. The best troll in the hack makes a truly dazzling display of SMW's unique jank. I'd recommend this just for that troll alone.

It would be nice to see a full 8 exit or so hack of levels like these, but probably it takes forever to build, so I guess it's fair enough to release one-level troll hacks.