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Big Boo Boss

SMW Sprites → Big Boo Boss

Submission Details

Name: Big Boo Boss
Author: Davros
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: Yes
Includes GFX: No
Description: A custom sprite that's based on the original sprite. It circles around the screen and will trigger the settings once it has been defeated. Comes with:

-A normal Big Boo Boss config. (Triggers secret exit on extra bit)
-A Big Boo Boss config that changes into a door.

More details in the readme.
Tags: big big boo boo boss enemy ghost house lorom sa-1
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
5.0 (2 ratings)
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Download 6.20 KiB | 2,124 downloads


Comments (10)

Hiroki Link
hi thanks for this great sprite, im trying to make a fight in wich i need the big boo to track mario ... is that posibble?
Just incase there are others like me, the README made me think it doesnt take damage from throwblocks but it does.
Francium Link
A friend of mine found this problem, but when he set the Extra Bits of this sprite to 3 and did the secret goal, the path showed up correctly, but Mario went in the direction of the normal goal.
Can someone please fix this!
 Kevin Link
Late but to fix this, keep the extra bits to 2 and add this code to your level UberASM:
	lda $1493|!addr : beq + : cmp #$03 : bcs +
	lda #$01 : sta $1de9|!addr : sta $13ce|!addr
	lda #$02 : sta $0dd5|!addr ; $03 for secret exit 2, $04 for secret exit 3
	lda #$0b : sta $0100|!addr
	stz $13c6|!addr
 BeeKaay Link
To make this boss end a vertical level, uncomment this line in SET_HIT_POINTS (i.e. remove the leading semicolon):

;JSL $07F78B|!BankB

Spedinja Link
The Boss doesn't end the level when you're in a vertical level, the original Big Boo Boss does this tho.
 Blind Devil Link
Modified some CFG file properties so now, when the boss has hurt behavior enabled, it actually works.

Thanks to shidouri for reporting the issue.
 Blind Devil Link
Added a define in the ASM file that allows the sprite to hurt the player, and modified the secret exit trigger code so it doesn't depend on LM's 'Boss uses secret exit' level number to function anymore. Also tagged the sprite as disassembly - despite the code being slightly different from SMW's, it essentially works the same way.
 RussianMan Link
Now I think reversed, it's not disassembly.

What's changed:
Converted to PIXI with SA-1 support.
Merged 2 ASM files in one.
Edited Readme.

This boss uses "Boss Uses Secret Exit" level for secret exit. I don't know how to change it. Sorry.
 RussianMan Link
Wait a second... is it disassembly or not? I mean if it is disassembly (judging by first sprite), why it's not checked as disassembly?