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Explosive Bumpty

SMW Sprites → Explosive Bumpty

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 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.33
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • PIXI v1.32
  • BSNES v115
A modified Bumpty with all the same jank it comes with. Accepted because these bugs are inherited.
simon.caio Link
nice explosive series! these sprites not only work well for puzzles but for kaizo as well, since they force you to move and at the same time they help to de-cheese..
HammerBrother Link
What a blast his explosion series has been. They all go good with puzzle hacks utilizing explosion such as this patch or this sprite
 RussianMan Author Link
Extra Byte 2 is subtype. If extra bit is clear, it'll be walking, but if extra byte 2 is set, it'll be tackling. If extra bit is set, it'll be flying, but if extra byte 2 is also set, it'll fly continuously. This is done to remove dependence on x-position to have a different subtype. Sorry if I didn't make that clear in .asm. I edited the submission with .asm that should be a little clearer.
 Anorakun Link
Thanks for removing this limitation. #smrpg{y}
 Anorakun Link
Neat sprite, but I don't get one thing. What exactly extra byte 2 controls? It isn't clear enough for me.