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Super Odd World

SRAM Database → Super Odd World

Submission Details

Name: Super Odd World
Author: LouisDoucet
Hack link: Link to hack
Description: A complete save file on Mario A with:
- 21 exits
- Yellow, Green, Red and Blue Switch Palaces activated, rendering them un-enterable
- 0 deaths

A less complete save file on Mario B with:
- 15 exits
- Yellow, Green, Red and Blue Switch Palaces not activated, leaving them enterable.
- 0 deaths

It is worth noting that the yellow switch is required for THE GIGA STAR (4), and all four switches are required for POWERS!. As a result, these two levels cannot immediately be played on Mario B, and Blue Switch Palace and ODD ROAD! cannot immediately be accessed. I did not provide a save file for immediate access to Blue Switch Palace as it is comprised of little else besides the blue switch.

File A is saved on ODD ROAD!. File B is saved on Yellow Switch Palace.
Download 463 bytes | 12 downloads