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Elevator Sprite Blocks

SMW Blocks → Elevator Sprite Blocks

Submission Details

Name: Elevator Sprite Blocks
Authors: Davros, Knight of Time, mikeyk
Version History: View
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: An updated and optimized version of the elevator sprite blocks included in Sprite Tool. These custom blocks spawn a custom sprite when touched from above or the corners. Details in the readme.

Requested by Hayashi Neru
Tags: elevator lorom sa-1 smb3 sprite
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
4.7 (3 ratings)
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Download 14.71 KiB | 631 downloads


Comments (5)

 MarioFanGamer Link
Silent update: When fixing the subscreen bug, it turns out I've uploaded a version using SEC #$00 instead of SBC #$00 which is not valid code. Also added sa-1 to the tags as I didn't notice it wasn't there already.
 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.33
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • GPS v1.4.4
  • PIXI v1.32
  • BSNES v115
Fixed overflow bug where the elevator sprite won't spawn (actually spawned all the way to the left) from the right half when placed between screen borders and removed redundant subroutines from the sprite.

I would have compressed the blocks into a single file and checked for their Map16 number (i.e. $03) but found no issues otherwise. It is inaccurate to SMB3, at least, given there are no turning frames nor the sprite disappear after some time but it should be recoded anyway given the age of this resource.
Hayashi Neru Link
Uploaded with permission from Knight of Time and spooonsss.
Hayashi Neru From older version: Elevator Sprite Blocks Link
Modified version to be compatible with SA-1 and PIXI.
This file has been modified by Knight of Time and spooonsss. This forums is related to this.
NGB From older version: Elevator Sprite Blocks Link
Act as 100 seems to work better for me. This causes the blocks to spawn under Mario and not inside him (pushing him away)