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SMB2 Walking Ninji

SMW Sprites → SMB2 Walking Ninji

Submission Details

Name: SMB2 Walking Ninji
Author: Schwa
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This sprite behaves similar to mikeyk's Shyguy, but it moves faster than the Shyguy and jumps in frequent intervals. It jumps with different heights; the order is short, short, medium, high, and repeat. He should be customizable with all of the Shyguy's configurations (rideable, carryable, etc.), but the extra configurations haven't been tested. The file comes with two .CFG files; Red and Blue Ninji are exactly the same except the Red ones are faster.

Give credit if used or tweaked.

Now SA-1 compatible.

Graphics by Mathos.
Tags: jump lorom ninji sa-1 walk
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Comments (2)

 RussianMan Link
Fixed ceiling interaction that was... nonexistent. Supposed to be fixed a while ago, but I didn't got to it untill now (even though it was pretty simple). Yes, I've talked with Mathos (again, a long time ago), and he said I can fix it.
C4RL0S-PR Link
(Solved)How I change the extra bit to the type 2 wish is the code?
I now is set to type 0 and this is the code ExtraProperty1 = $7FAB28 but wish are the other extra bits codes.
Forget it I found how to trick the extra bit.