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Apple Boy: Attack of Ice Cream Man

Super Mario World Hacks → Apple Boy: Attack of Ice Cream Man

Submission Details

Name: Apple Boy: Attack of Ice Cream Man
Author: AppleBoy54321
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 33 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Welcome to Fruitbowl City! The villainous Ice Cream Man is seeking venegeance upon Apple Boy after being defeated by him. So, Apple Boy goes off to Ice Cream Man's Cloudy Castle to beat him up again.
Tags: original characters
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
3.4 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (10)

Traine1995 Link
Cute Little Hack if you seeking something to Play inbetween.
The Levels are Colorful and every one has Custom Music.
The Bosses are sometimes interesting, frustrating and fun.
However some Levels seem very Short than others who look like they are 3 Levels in One.
Overall had a good Time playing This 3/5.
werdreturns Link
AppleBoy54321 Author Link
true lol
MightyRedWolf Link
not bad, i just am curious on the music list ya used, i like it
NatsuFireball Link
An overall great heck, with a funny apple character and environment. Levels and overworld are neatly designed and very colorful =]

However, the game suffers some problems :

- There are actually 34 exits instead of 33 (last castle is an orb goal, making 34 exits being recorded at title screen).

- There is no HUD. You can collect coins, 1-ups and even bonus stars, but there is no way to see them, even by simply pausing the game. This is frustrating because you never know your number on lives left, making you sometimes get an unexpected frustrating game over. The ability to save at any time on the overworld by pressing the select button makes this less frustrating though.

- The power-up mechanic interacting with the HP heart bar seems to work sometimes oddly : for instance, if you get an apple (= fire flower) directly when having only 1 heart HP, you then receive a second heart + fire flower state. That's OK. But if you thereafter get another apple your gauge won't get 1 heart up again... you have to take a soda (= mushroom) to get that 3rd heart. However, as your are in fire flower state you won't get any more soda... so you can't get 3 hearts anymore, you are forced to get hit/die and do the proper small > soda > apple steps in order to get 3 hearts.

- Difficulty is not very well balanced, with some latter levels being very short and easy (last world for instance), and some castle levels being way harder and lacking power-ups. This power-up lacking makes you sometimes backtrack a lot only to find a soda, as not every level gives you one early.

- At the beginning of last castle, there is a place where you are forced to take damage in order to progress : the space between the yellow blocks and the munchers is too narrow to perform the spin-jump without being hit, even with the special L/R "no-jump" spin.

- Considering the difficulty of bosses, the midway point should be placed right before the boss door instead of earlier in the castle : this forces you to perform a long boring route several times just to get another chance against a hard boss.

- Last boss seems broken : it seems an intended SMB3 Bowser fight, but the boss performs his first jump over the ceiling and is then stuck there... seems that he kills himself soon afterwards, making the green door appear. There is no fight then... but if there had to be one, it coud have been quite frustrating as there is absolutely no midway point in the last castle...

8/10 (4 stars) Thank you for the entertainment =]
Gamet2004 Link
I really liked this hack! I also love your character, it looks good!
jobvd Link
Very enjoyable, but 1 star because of the stupid giant koopa boss. Also, why do restart points start you with one OR two hearts?
KaidenThelens Link
good apple
Retro Master HD Link
You made a Hack with your character in it just like I did. 😄😄😀😀
Mohamad20ZX Link
great you got here apple you deserve 100000/100 it's that good