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Pit of Abuse

Waiting Super Mario World Hacks → Pit of Abuse

Submission Details

Name: Pit of Abuse
Author: Daemontom
Submitted: by Daemontom
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Pit
Description: Some friends suggested to remove the red blocks and make it a real we are.

It's a basic hack that has no extreme unknown tech. Just the normal pithack stuff I would say. I had fun making it. I might get a bit repetitive with setups but I'm a newbie to it.
But I learn everyday and the next one might be a bit better.

Update: Removed unnecessary things. And there was a room missing which is now back in the hack.
Tags: custom music custom palettes difficult extreme kaizo hard pit tas
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