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SMW Sprites → Metroid

Submission Details

Name: Metroid
Authors: Chdata, Schwa
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This guy hovers lazily in the air until Mario approaches. Then it begins to chase him wildly. Should it catch Mario, it latches on and begins draining coins from him at an alarming rate (if he has any). To kill it once it latches on, repeatedly mash the controller buttons and you'll shake it off. It can optionally hurt or kill the player if they have no coins. It can also drain air meter.

The detection range is customizable. Check the ASM file for further information.

Give credit if used or tweaked.

BIG thank-you to smkdan for helping debug a serious problem while making this sprite.
Tags: air meter chase coin coins enemy follow jump lorom metriod sa-1
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Comments (3)

Lespna1 Link
I had an idea where instead of making it drain the coins, it could drain the timer, but I would use time blocks. How hard would it be to change it so it does that? I don't know any ASM.
 RussianMan Link
Added air drain functionality.
 Telinc1 Link
An interesting sprite which could be very useful when combined with coin-based puzzles. Added SA-1 support and fixed a glitch which made it unable to pass between the top/bottom screen boundaries.