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Evil Doopu World

Super Mario World Hacks → Evil Doopu World

Submission Details

Name: Evil Doopu World
Author: EvilAdmiralKivi
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack was created as a learning Lunar Magic exercise and tribute to a great, upcoming streaming legend WhoIsDoopu. Level themes are based on Doopu's community humour. As this was originally meant to be played only by one person some setups may not be as obvious as I would want them to be. Good luck and have fun!

v1.0.0 Changes
- Changed version to major number as it's an official release after all.
- Turned off background P-Switch music.
- Minor changes to levels:
Level 1: Last jump more forgiving now.
Level 2: Made what's happening in last room after failure more clear.
Level 4: Prevented players to go through level with harder setup (de-cheese, but when cheese is harder).
Level 5: Disabled rng manipulation, but made boss fight easier.
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Comments (2)

sopa Link
Doopu Link
I'm not biased at all and I really enjoyed this hack!

There's a lot of in-jokes like
checkpoints that kill you, an unfortunate number of key-jumps, Wendy...
, but this doesn't detract from the platforming experience.

It's short and sweet, and for the Admiral's first effort, I think it shows great promise for his future as a hack creator!

Just ignore the message box about
adding DoopuSkills to your BTTV. It's a silly message box.
Also, ignore all references to 'Doopsters'. I don't know what they are.