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Pull Rope Switch

SMW Sprites → Pull Rope Switch

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FrostyLosty Link
Reminds me of Doorstop Dash from DKC3. Nice work #smw{:TUP:}
 RussianMan Link
Tested With:
-Lunar Magic 3.33
-PIXI 1.40
-bsnes v115
-SA-1 1.40

Fixed Wall Climb glitch not working despite !WallGlitch being set, as ironic as it sounds (the player would still get stuck to the rope, instead phasing through objects that would push them off the rope).

The only other issue I noticed is that you can't set Pull length above 7F, as higher values will make the rope activate in an instant. Not that you would want to - if the rope gets too long, some of its sprite tiles won't display correctly, wrapping around, and it's also possible for it to snap back to default position after jumping off. Now, the readme does mention potential glitches if it gets too long, but it also clarifies in parenthesis that those can happen if both the rope length and pull length are high. In reality, the rope simply shouldn't be longer than a certain threshold (about 9 tiles). I didn't notice any other issues.
HammerBrother Link
So we have block switches that activates like hitting a ? block, a button-shaped switches you have to press it (down for floor-mounted, upwards if ceiling-mounted), and now we have rope-pull-switches. Awesome. This can also be used for traps, such as triggering the on/off switch which will kill the player by on/off kill blocks.