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Primal Shells

Super Mario World Hacks → Primal Shells

Submission Details

Name: Primal Shells
Author: Eryck
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: In a period of almost 1 year I finally finished this hack, initially I thought about creating simple and easy levels to complete, but I ended up running away from that goal.

In this hack you will find

- Item abuse

- Shells (Multiple Shells)

-Levels where Mario cannot touch the ground

-Short levels (with the exception of a final challenge that is a combination of almost all levels of the hack)

-Mid Air

- Interconnected tricks

That's it, have fun!!
Tags: asm exgfx music
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Comments (3)

MaxCreed Link
Awesome hack mate! Love the throughline of non-interactive shells and the final challenge that combines cool tricks from the levels of the hack, I really hope these become more common in shell hacks going foreward#tb{:>}. (Also, can I please have the name of the song for Flourishing)

Eryck Author Link
thanks for the comment, I'm very happy to know that you liked my hack.
The name of the song is "Boutique"
Aqui esta um link direto
MaxCreed Link
Thank you!