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Deadweight Bro

SMW Sprites → Deadweight Bro

Submission Details

Name: Deadweight Bro
Authors: Schwa, imamelia
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A gray Sledge Bro which doesn't jump and throws weights instead of hammers. It walks back and forth. When they hit the ground, the weights will bounce up to 4 times before falling off the screen. With each bounce, the screen shakes and Mario gets stunned if he's on the ground. This makes it very difficult to move out of the way once you're caught on the ground, making this sprite an extremely tough enemy.

Check the ASM files for customization options. Make sure to specify the sprite number of deadweight.cfg from list.txt in deadweight_bro.asm!

Give credit if used or tweaked. Special thanks to mikeyk for the base code (Sledge Bro and Tweeter).
Tags: bounce bouncing enemy lorom sa-1 sledge bro weight
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Comments (1)

 Telinc1 Link
Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility. Added tags and a screenshot.

The original deadweight has been replaced with imamelia's one. More customization options have been added. The sprite no longer plays a sound effect when throwing a deadweight (at least by default) because the original played a glitched sound effect.