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Day at the races

Super Mario World Hacks → Day at the races

Submission Details

Name: Day at the races
Author: Lush_50
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: The race is on!

Welcome to a day at the races.
35 x 20 mario seconds bite sized levels!
The idea is to reach the orb as quick as you can!
This hack is GREAT as a blind race (2 or more players) or to play alone, although it is recommended to race a friend and spice it up!
Moderate difficulty, with a few trolls, relatively fast paced.

Whilst I strive to iron out every possible cheese/jank etc
please note sometimes it just happens by human error.

*This hack will be short if the player is very good, consider it a warm up.
*Beginner players may struggle in sections but the hack is very forgiving.
*Custom blocks are used, as well as sprite spawners.

The best way to explain this hack is nightmare cafe, but bigger levels and on a timer.

Did you enjoy this hack? was it bad? leave a comment and let me know your thoughts as they are highly appreciated!

Check out my other work on SMWC by clicking on my name!

Thanks for playing and checking out my work, til next time!
Tags: banana beginner kaizo race
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Comments (5)

troyfullbuster Link
Fun hack! I was a bit in a Mario slump and it kinda brought me back haha here's my playthrough:
Lush_50 Author Link
After releasing I have found out that I did not mention HoodedEdge in the credits. Said tracks were added right before releasing and I was occupied juggling all of the hack making process at once in a short space of time.
Thanks HoodedEdge for all of your work!
proppi Link
very fun concept with the added rush to each level and short gameplays. The urgency even makes for a fun race with yourself as a standalone hack. 5 stars!
Neidave Link
cute little hack, I like the "Nightmare café but more than one screen per level" idea
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!