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Super Mario World Hacks → 2Kaizo2Learn

Submission Details

Name: 2Kaizo2Learn
Author: blueribbonhighlife
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 69 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Welcome to 2Kaizo2Learn!!

This is a tutorial hack designed to teach you many of the basic tricks you will use in kaizo hacks. It is not comprehensive, but should give you a solid foundation to play both beginner and easier intermediate hacks.

This hack features:

69 exits
over 130 rooms
training tests
final test
special sections to teach you beginner shell and cape tricks
cool tunes
& much more!

The open overworld design was a driving motivation behind both creating and designing parts of this hack. I strongly encourage you to feel free to move on from, and come back to, tough lessons if you are feeling overly challenged. The lessons are NOT reliably laid out in an "easiest to hardest" order.

Similarly, each section has a test that is based on the tricks in that section. The tests are intentionally a bit tough and you may find you need to play through more levels before you are comfortable taking on any tests!

Quick tipz:
-Press select on overworld to save (including midways) at any point.
-You do need to die (and select exit) to leave a level due to the retry system patched, unless you have beaten the level.
-Press L&R shoulder buttons together to kill mario. Be careful of this in rooms where you have to use these buttons!
-Nearly every level will have a "retry" door that will take you to the previous room. This is in case you find a room too difficult but would like to continue to practice the previous room's trick.

For those of you who are familiar with Learn 2 Kaizo, this is heavily inspired by it and sought to update it in some way and add lessons that focus on tech that is more common now than when that hack was created. NeXuS was kind enough to approve the use of the name as well. However, this is not intended to be a direct sequel or a replacement. L2K is still highly recommended for its well designed tests and focus on interesting glitch tech.

For those who prefer watching a playthrough for some tricks, a playlist of playthrough videos is available here:
. Note this is on a pre-release version, but the changes are extremely minor.
Tags: tutorial
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
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Comments (18)

 DonWafle Pinned Link
I played this hack out of curiosity, because i like to play "training" kaizo to learn new and nerdy tricks and stuff.
and i found it so good on how teach others how to play kaizo, that i use it to make a Spanish Kaizo Tutorial, since we don't have much resources on spanish for new players, down ill paste the link to the tutorial.

Jugué este kaizo como curiosidad porque me gusta aprender cosas nuevas y tecnicas de super mario world, y me gustó tanto que lo termine usando como base para un tutorial de como aprender a jugar kaizo en español, considerando que no hay mucho material disponible para nuestra comunidad.
abajo dejo el link al tutorial en Youtube

GBoy200 Link
My favorite kaizo hack. Great for beginners and/or people who don't have a lot of time on their hands. Every level is able to be enjoyed at leisure and is always a fun experience with the tests. 10/10 Should be featured.
Tripii Link
A great follow up to Learn 2 Kaizo, more refined and modern setups with a bit more explanation contained in the message boxes. The addition of a linked video walkthrough is also greatly appreciated.

GLHF #smw{:peace:}
krab Link
Very fun, has great tutorials and explanations, and got me into kaizo pretty quickly!
shroomie Link
i haven't finished it, but being maybe two worlds away from the finale, it's a superb way to learn 2 kazio.
Greedydave Link
I am just getting into hacks, and this was the perfect place to start for me. I can imagine this being pretty difficult if you have never played any kaizo, but it is a great place to learn something new or practice tricks in a quickly repeatable environment.

After playing this, I was able to jump into some beginner kaizo such as Shelltopia, Love yourself, and Feginner. I understood everything that was being thrown at me because of this hack.
Definitely a good kaizo hack for people who want to get into kaizo.
Super Nikuworld Link
this hack is perfect for beginner! nice tutorial with many chat boxes! i beat all the lvls except the turn around cape one! but thats not creaters fault i just hate this mechanic
Climjung Link
I love the overworld. Hacks like this keep newbies like me flocking to the community!
I did find a way to cheese a section though:
The last section of the Disco Inferno level.
By jumping to the right and leading the disco shells into the pit, you can go far enough to the right to respawn the first shell. Then you just shell jump to the goal.

I hope to beat the cape test sometime... Thanks for an awesome hack!
 blueribbonhighlife Author Link
Nice find! GG on the cheese, and thank you for playing #smw{:TUP:}
kingshell Link
Spectacular hack, I loved the shell jump part!!! But I think the movements of using the cape are the most complicated, playing this learn kaizo I managed to complete a task that wasn't one of the most impossible to reset!! and a load helps in a tas hahahaha
Azula16 Link
Pyaku Link
This is my intro into Kaizo after watching many, many streams. I was able to learn so much from this and I am confident to tackle some levels now! Thanks so much!
Wolfguy423 Link
Considering this is aimed at anyone wanting to learn kaizo i found quite a few unnecessarily tight setups.

these are just a few things i found.

In the first regrab level you can hit the ceiling if you regrab too well.
one of the levels had unending p switch music playing.
the key swim setup is ridiculously tight.
the last level had some garbled enemy graphics.
the double shell jump setup is Absolutely too close to the wall.

Don't take this as me hating it, because i don't. I just feel this needs a bit more work put into it.

All in all a decent learning hack.
thank you for taking time out of your life to make free and fun content!
GiraffeKiller Link
It's nice to have an updated version of something like this. Even after all this time, people are still getting into kaizo as new players. That aside: it's a good game on it's own, regardless of it being a teaching tool. The cape stuff was hard for me, but it's just because I don't like cape much. Lol. Else, very beginner friendly, very approachable. Great work!
BunkerGames82 Link
Another excellent resource for beginners! maybe a tad heavy on the text for anyone that reads all of it. I love that you included the 3 asm at the end. Really excellent work all around!
synthie_cat Link
Had such a good time playing the final release version <3 Thank you so much for making such a resourceful hack, Blue!
jquery861 Link
Blue!!!! I am so happy to see this! Thanks for the hack, will play it soon and looking forward the kaizo teaching! Thanks! <3