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SMW For Your Kids Only

Super Mario World Hacks → SMW For Your Kids Only

Submission Details

Name: SMW For Your Kids Only
Author: Clouthhh
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This hack is dedicated to your Kids(4 to 7years old or player with disabilities) that wanted to play like you do.

This SUPER EASY hack is mean to play before SMW.
This is probably the easiest 20 exits ROM hacks on SMW Central.

It will still be hard for them just to understand the controller/physical dynamics.

There is a progression from levels to levels.
Finishing the game reveal a harder version of those levels.

All levels have a tremendous amount of power ups and lives.

This game is for console beginners and the player never need to run to reach platforms.

My 5 years old beta tester tried and loved it.

It's time For Your Kids Only to play!
Have fun!

- - - - Fixed in version 2 - - - -
- Bug fixed by removing the pipe in the Bonus Game.
- Invisible power up has been removed.
- Pit of death removed.
- Minor aesthetics.
- Lower dropping enemies for more visual clue.
Tags: easiest easy kids
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Comments (10)

Rufus351 Link
It is an excellent idea! oh and by the way my son is loving it, many congratulations to the creator!#smw{^_^}
jordo59 Link
Thank you, my daughter and I had a lot of fun playing this together.
bucketofwetsocks Link
My son loved it!
Clouthhh Author Link
Thanks a lot! It’s the idea to let them play it like us!
m0ch4234l0u5 Link
Cool! My daughter loved it. Thank you for the awesome work
Clouthhh Author Link
Thanks, it’s super nice to hear it!
Clouthhh Author Link
Thanks a lot AgeVerrly and RafaelFutbol. I’m looking to fix those issues.

It’s a good idea to make the ennemies appeared instead at the second loop. But I don’t know how to make such an ASM. If you know how to make it, i will be glad to integrate it!

My thinking was that: when there is something funky, it is probably a workaround to fit my idea. Like the pipe is there so the user can play any level as he want and come back. There was no switch anymore so it is an alternative to exit.

Thanks a lot for you comments, I’m improving the hack for the small one!
ageVerrly Link
I think this game does what it set out to do pretty well. The levels are very easy with many paths to discover. I like the idea of having a second loop where the levels become more difficult due to the switch blocks being active. I would maybe consider making the outlined switch blocks (on the first loop) invisible since they can distract from the levels a bit.

One problem I see with the second loop is that enemies tend to just fall out of the sky (only in some levels). I don't even think most adults would be able to react to that in time before getting hit. I suggest using custom sprites that will only spawn on the second loop instead of these "enemies in a bucket" constructions.

I don't understand why you put a pipe in the bonus game if all it does is softlock you.

Despite these small problems I think this hack is well made and balanced.
rafaelfutbal Link
Nice hack. Good job! 👍


Level "Walking on Sunshine" = Pit to death.

Level "Walking on Sunshine" = Invisible block.

Level "Walking on Sunshine" = Only 4 dragon coins.

Bonus game is bugged.

If you enter on pipe inside the bonus game, you will get a endless screen.

Level "Monster Castle" = Only 4 dragon coins.
Clouthhh Author Link
Thanks again for testing my hack for all the kids.

I rechecked all the levels and all dragon coins are accessible on both pass.
- "Walking on Sunshine" has 5 dragon coins, 1 at the beginning, 1 in the pipe and the other at the level.
- "Monster Castle" has 5 dragon coins, 2 on the top, 2 on the normal pathway and 1 in the second part.