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Hammer Time

Super Mario World Hacks → Hammer Time

Submission Details

Name: Hammer Time
Author: dropthehammer2
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: My first hack. Should be a fun hack with some cool and unique concepts for levels.

Most of the levels use custom graphics and music.

Not designed to be a grind but enjoyable.

Updated to 1.2 (11/24/2022)

V1.3 Update (11/27/2022)
- updated backgrounds for easier visibility
- switch palaces and fortress destroy on clear (updated exit count to 22)
- final boss event counter fixed
- minor level adjustments

V1.4 Update (11/28/2022)
- Level updates to Kooky Keys and Water Works
- Modified graphics for a cleaner appearance
- Updated number of exits
Tags: asm custom boss exgfx music
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Comments (5)

lincolnic From older version: Hammer Time Link
I'm not sure if I played version 1.1 or 1.2 - the download file says 1.2, but the title screen says 1.1. Seems like the hack is still broken in a few places, some worse than others:

-No save prompt after the main exit of Fox's Fountain.
-No save prompt after Water Works.
-After clearing the
motor skills
level in special world, I saved in the save prompt and reset my console (Super NT) to check my exit count. Where I was expecting to see 17 or 18 exits, my save file only showed 13 and I was indeed back at The Hammer.

Losing 4 or 5 exits of progress was enough to make me turn off the hack, but it was a pretty chill time until that happened. Hope you can fix those bugs!
dropthehammer2 Author From older version: Hammer Time Link
Thanks for the feedback. The was a 1.3 and, most currently a 1.4, which is in moderation that addresses all of those issues.
Neuromancer From older version: Hammer Time Link
Fun hack!
deported From older version: Hammer Time Link
the hack breaks on the level called "Satisfying Switches". it doesnt give you an exit, so you cant make any progress
dropthehammer2 Author From older version: Hammer Time Link
Thanks for the heads up. Seems something went weird for a few levels. I've fixed and updated to 1.1