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😰The End: The hardest hack that will ever be made.😨

Waiting Super Mario World Hacks → 😰The End: The hardest hack that will ever be made.😨

Submission Details

Name: 😰The End: The hardest hack that will ever be made.😨
Authors: olivebates, xKingBulletBillx
Submitted: by olivebates
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Pit
Description: This will be the hardest hack that will ever be made. It's not a Kaizo hack, it's not a Pit hack. It's a God hack... and it's the first of its kind. It's **The End** of all pit hacks as we know them.

If you disagree, go ahead and prove us wrong. But until someone else can beat this, others can only make hacks equally difficult, or completely impossible. There is nothing in between.


Completion video:

Creation of this hack took roughly 4 years, with the completed run totaling 3.6 million re-records. The theme of the hack is that Mario must venture deeper and deeper through the rings of hell, to get Yoshi from the deepest pits where you threw him into. The hack starts at a nearly impossible difficulty and gets progressively harder with each room. The last two rooms took over 600 hours to plan, build, test and complete, despite only being only 1 minute long.

* All coins (reskinned as Yellow Glowing Balls) must be collected, or you will die at random checks throughout the levels.
Tags: asm earth bound earthbound exgfx exgfx animated gimmick glitch glitch abuse glitches hdma hell horror huge level less exgfx mario music music custom no boss original characters original gfx mix original graphics original objects original sprite mix traditional vanilla variety
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Comments (9)

Sokobansolver Link
That essay comment on the completion video about how "everything builds on the last movements" basically makes this a puzzle hack. A puzzle with at least trillions of possible combinations of inputs that look like they might vaguely approach what you're meant to do and exactly one solution among them, much like a 100x100x100 Rubik's cube. What are the odds of whoever moderates this hack coming up with the exact sequence of inputs (probably the very same ones used in the video) that eventually lets Mario access the finish pipe? This isn't just a ROM mod. It's a mathematical concept.
Or will the moderators just complete the first room and press the "accept" button and if there are any issues later on we won't know until several years and another 4 million rerecords later (or maybe never)?
Bodacious_snail Link
RIP to the mod team
 xHF01x Link
Just to record this here for the people who want to play this: In the original version of the hack the orange outline blocks in the second room just acted like air (instead of instant-death invisible blocks). This has been fixed and the file has been replaced.
Vanessa Link
Good luck to whoever moderates this.
Noob Link
This is completely insane!!!! From what you watch, this isn't a hack, it's the price God made a Mario player who committed sin can pay by wanting to suffer excruciating pain. May the Lord God have mercy and mercy on anyone who tries to play this!!!
Soul Link
Good luck to the moderator who does this one
DJLocks Link
Puts on his best George Takei voice...

Oh my.... 8>
MarsAmpere Link
noticed that the shell death blocks look kind of like the crying laughing emoji. it's all i can see now.
olivebates Author Link