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Short and Hard: A midair Shellhack v 1.3

Super Mario World Hacks → Short and Hard: A midair Shellhack v 1.3

This file contains crude language. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Short and Hard: A midair Shellhack v 1.3
Author: kurtistrydiz
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: What started as one hack turned into two, here giving you a hack centered around the midair, with very short levels, but its hard.....heeey.... Short and hard:)
My goal with this hack is to make midairs a little bit more aproachable, so this is my attempt.

Required in this hack:
P and no-P midair to be beaten

Short levels with one or two midairs,
Note: that if you reset after getting to midway or a boss you will start at the beginning of the level.

If you are new to midairs and want to get into the tech i strongly encourage savestates. And MidairRisers offcourse:)

Heres a link of the playthrou if that would be necessary:

Changes to v1.3

I have mainly tried to make some levels more aproachable, since they clearly get rough, and the midair should be the main difficulty, and my intent with this hack is to make midairs somewhat aproachable so i hope this will do.

-Level: Lets Go: Lesser waiting time for koopers to secret exit.
-Level :Swoosha :Added midway to the last trick, that should take the pressure off since its clearly very rough, but it is still a very hard trick.
-Level:All together:Big change, shortened by 3 screens, added a midway , changed the last midair setup to a "double riser" and that should make it more doable with both flick midair or tap midair. Still blind, and variables, but i think the midway will make up for that.
-Music runs during pause now,
-Minor spelling errors at message boxes
Tags: crude language midairs
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Comments (1)

 LouisDoucet Link
I enjoyed the changes I noticed, so I think this is a solid update. The added midways in Swoosha and All Together are especially appreciated. There is potential for a couple alternative strats here and there, though they don't make the levels significantly easier. Lineups are still a little shaky at times, though that's something I've come to appreciate as a part of this hack's difficulty.

Note that the credits level does have an event on clear, meaning it provides an exit, which can be saved for a total of 19 exits. The exit count has been edited to reflect this.