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Bowser's Hideout

Super Mario World Hacks → Bowser's Hideout

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MegaSonic1999 Link
I hope smw central production gets fixed too.
 Counterfeit From older version: Bowser's Hideout Link
This is an extraordinarily hard action hack that starts and finishes strong. However, for the savestateless player, the final level may be expecting a bit much because your midway point doesn't come until the boss, and it is a giant level that will take you likely 550-600 in-game seconds to get to there.

All kinds of things are pushed in this hack: there are some areas you will find yourself needing the R-shoulder button to see where you're supposed to go (e.g. second level) and spin jump is warranted to get through a lot of areas. The final level throws everything at you: water segments, altered physics that make your jumps sensitive and super high, a room where you drift with the cape upwards and you are pretty much dead if you lose it, on/off switch mazes, and crazy Thwomps that go everywhere.

The thing I hate about this hack is the Touhou music. It doesn't fit and it sounds cruddy. The first level also has palette ExAnimation on the entire foreground so I would suggest playing in a well-lit room to avoid getting a headache, and don't let people with epilepsy play this hack until you get by that first level for them.