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Super Mario World Hacks → Endeavor

Submission Details

Name: Endeavor
Author: NixKillsMyths
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Prepare for an SMW kaizo adventure!

Endeavor is mostly vanilla with very scarce ASM used primarily for QoL. It’s precise, it’s puzzling at times, and it expects the player to have a strong knowledge of kaizo tech and vanilla sprite behaviors. It’s not always a go-go-go kind of hack; the pacing varies and not every obstacle asks the player to move instantly. Endeavor can be challenging at times and should probably not be your first or second Intermediate difficulty kaizo hack.

Clear video link:
Tags: asm less exgfx music traditional
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Comments (1)

oneframejames Link
What we have here is definitely what feels like someone's first hack... This is not at all a bad thing here; because of the way it is made it is actually a huge plus.

I've noticed that a lot of new hack creators tend to have a certain type of vibe in their levels that feels as though they're not just making levels, but they're trying to give the player a very special vibe by how the levels both feel and play that usually feels slightly flawed at times but in a special sort of way. A way that makes you want to play more and see more because they're second hack is usually just so much cleaner than their first that you don't get that organic feeling that their first hack had. Not that it isn't also nice to see a creator become more polished in what their making either, but this hack is definitely a treat and is very fun and memorable.

The thing that a lot of new creators don't have that this hack does have is extensive playtesting and listening to the playtesters for feedback and not only trying to make a hack that they love but a hack that almost everyone will love.

That organic first hack feeling combined with taking their time to mold things even better through the help of all of their playtesters makes something truly fun here. A hack you won't want to miss or forget about once you have played it because it just feels so special at times and you can definitely feel all the love that this creator has for their hack in the way that the levels both play and look.

A truly fantastic first hack that NixkillsMyths should be commended for and you should definitely play "if" your skill level is up to par.

Now, onto some deeper aspects of the hack that shouldn't be too spoiler heavy.

It definitely falls around upper intermediate to lower expert and unless you've played for some time, you might want to play some other hacks before you try to tackle this one. The difficulty is fair and really fun, but if you've only beaten beginner hacks I would strongly recommend you beat at least one or two intermediate hacks before playing this one.

You have 12 exits here and the first is actually one of the harder ones. If you can beat that you should be fine. The creator definitely has a thing for using tricks throughout the hack that anyone who's played for awhile has seen before, but not very often. These tricks usually aren't very hard but they can feel like "refreshers" to the things you may already know. The flow of levels often allow you to take your time and this definitely helps the pace of some of these tricks which is very nice. When you are forced to go go go it plays out in very fun ways. I would highly recommend you stop and admire the palettes when you can though; the game looks great and even though there are some moments where you can't just wait around, you'll definitely appreciate the palettes as much as you'll enjoy the gameplay.

Cheers to a new creator and a new fantastic hack!

I hope NixkillsMyths keeps creating as this is already a very good first hack and he is a very promising creator and while anything that may appear to seem like something from a new creator here it only adds to how good this hack actually is in a special kind of way.