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The Epic Quest Of Birdo The Vampire Subcon Journey

Super Mario World Hacks → The Epic Quest Of Birdo The Vampire Subcon Journey

Submission Details

Name: The Epic Quest Of Birdo The Vampire Subcon Journey
Author: AjaTheVampire
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 44 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This hack is the third one of Birdo,s Quest through the Mushroom Kingdom. Now that Birdo has conquered the Mushroom Kingdom, she takes a deep slumber inside of her coffin. But Mario was not defeated in the second Journey Dark Behaviors and so he takes revenge on Birdo by throwing out her coffin from the castles window.

This Hack includes:

Spitting eggs
Flying with wings
Short but hard and fair levels
Item Shops
Bonus Stages
Each level got its own Soundtrack
Custom Bosses
Custom Sprites

I hope you have fun with my hack <3
Tags: birdo bonus stage custom bosses custom sprites egg fat mario hard item shop mario final boss peach short-levels soundtrack story toad wall jump wing cap
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Comments (2)

ZikoRenamonBirdo Link
Your work is wonderful. But is pitty that is over. I think in one for special dates like The Epic Quest of Birdo on Christmas Adventure maybe.
ZikoRenamonBirdo Link
Oh my lord. Othr Birdo game really!.
Oh I need to do the Download.
THANK YOU! AjaTheVampire!